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custom pins + sales :3

My friend's birthday is coming up soon. She likes collecting Pokémon stuff, but isn't like hardcore, yet I wanted to give her something cute and Pokémon related. So I had an idea of making pins! Her favorite legendary trio (as is mine) are Raikou, Suicune and Entei, so I decided to make those for her in both regular and shiny form. The pins ended up resembling Japanese Pokedoll tag style, and I think they came out terrific, and arrived today! XD

So after some thought, I thought I would offer my artistic services to the community in the way of pin commissions (If this isn't allowed or I need to get an OK so sell customs first, please let me know!)
Right now I am only looking for interest to open up commissions in the future to make customized pins.

Up for sale right now are two sets: the regular colored set and shiny colored set of the legendary beasts.
Each set is $8 plus shipping to you.


And now for a shameless sales plug. :D

I have loads of Japanese TCG, a lot of English TCG, added some coins and Pokédolls as well!
Click the preview below to go to my sales!:

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