neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets and Sales!

Hi everyone! I got some awesome stuff in the mail this week!

Audino and litwick from Sunyshore! I was on the fence about getting them, but they're so cute! Audino is a really nice chubby pokedoll :) The July set finally made it to ToysRUs (can't wait for the September set, Dewott!) And a beautiful articuno zukan!
It's so pretty! I love articuno, but I'm super picky about the figures.

Lampent banpresto from nanoplasm! Gets me into the halloween spirit :D

Look what I managed to pull. I'm on average, unlucky pulling cool cards, but this is so pretty!
In other news, I'm going to my first anime con ever next Saturday! :D I'll probably be carrying around my audino pokedoll, dressed up as my oc :) And I'll have pokeballs attatched to my white purse. So if you're going to Anime Banzai on saturday say hi!

Tags: sales
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