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Postcard GB, Sales/Offers, and Mini Collection Update!

First off, Postcard GB participants, our postcards have arrived! My mail came rather late today, so apologies for the bad lighting orz

blackdog333 has already labeled everyone's postcards, and they're all ready to ship ^^
Please send $2.50 to gundam_assassin[at]msn[dot]com with your username in the memo and I'll have them mailed out ASAP (Thursday is my next international shipping run, as usual :3). Everyone also has the option of combining anything from my sales for no additional shipping charge ^^ caffwin, yours will be shipped with our trade ♥

This brings me to my next topic: I've updated most photos and added a ton of things to my sales post: rare flats and misc figures as usual! \o/ It also includes some zukan sets and PokePark stickers~
(If you didn't pay in my last sales post after I gave you a total, your item(s) have of course remained in my sales bin :c Please make sure to read my rules/instructions if you're buying from me.)

I've also got a quick 48 hour offers post for some rare and pretty Pokecen stationary :D Most of the items start at only $3, so click here or the photos below to check them out~

Last but not least, mini-update for my collections!

What could it be?
Why, Vince of course!


;0; omg. I was thinking this was going to be some tiny, adorable little roll of tape, but.... it's HUGE (and still adorable). It seems to have gotten a bit warped in shipping, but still sticks fine :D

Oh yeah, here's the slightly wrinkled label sticker thing~ ^^

Another plushplush item I snagged recently is this:

Label sheet! You cannot deny the cuteness of these stickers ♥

Last new item is a notepad I spotted in a lot of random stationary (the same group I've got up for offers right now ;3)

It's a pokedoll notepad from the first year they were marketed as pokedolls :D


Here's a couple other items I've had, but forgot to post last time... though I still forgot some XD;

Plushplush Christmas quiche dish (at least, that's what the listing called it. I know nothing of quiche :B), Corsola Pokedoll charm, and Mime Jr Pokedoll figure~ He doesn't stand up on his own, since this figure is supposed to come with an orange base. I just won a complete set of pokedoll figures so this guy will be needing a new home soon :3

Now on to more new things :DDD

My Gothita line zukan, and super-tiny-amazing-happy redfloon cookie from pattsun! My camera does it no justice ;____; I've got to snag my sister's some time so you can all be blinded by cute!floon ♥

I also managed to snag a pokecen shopper bag, with Gothita and Gothorita on the back. I've still got to find the regular and clear phone charms, along with the MPC.

I finally got the Litwick and Gothita pokedolls, along with Halloween swag from Sunyshore ♥ My mom thought Litwick was a marshmallow XD I'm also seriously in love with these charms~

Now long before anyone knew for sure that we'd be getting a Litwick pokedoll, I commissioned one from my bff masterpetediddy's fiance, and he's also arrived!

Precious! ♥ I prefer him to the real pokedoll, since my brain refuses to accept litwick's nose-bump XD Plus he's softer and better for cuddles~

Here he is showing off some fire equine gets of mine!

The card and VHS are also from masterpetediddy, and I now have the Ponyta/Rapidash episode on VHS, DVD, and manga form! :D Exciting~
The Action Flip is a small item that's been evading me for AGES in sales posts and ebay, so I'm really happy to finally have it, and the Steeplechase deck is a similar story - it was constantly listed at ridiculous prices, but I waited them out and managed to grab it for a decent price ^^
As for the wallet... I'm fairly sure it's a bootleg, since there's no tag on the inside, but it's got Rapidash! :3 I also grabbed another BK shooter to repaint shiny when I've got some free time.

Oh yes! I also grabbed two floon notebooks I needed ^^

Now here's Precious again, with Luna, my Chandelure plush by usakochan

Vince should never be left out.

More custom pokedolls! Fire equines by cwinget and floons by taycs~


...I got carried away :'D
Giant Rapidash is by saiyamewome on dA, Keldeo is by cwinget, Rapidash bell plush is by ladylegsdarkrai, shiny floon bell plush is by flag, redfloon bell plush is by shootthetanks and cube!Rapidash and cube!Weezing are by me :B

My halloween Drifloon by akeyma arrived today, and missed out on the group photos with my other customs, but here he is posing with my postcards from blackdog333!

Here's my postcards~

ahaha, yes, I side-collect eeveelutions. who doesn't? XD Eevee/Flareon and Blaine's Team were purchased separately from the GB ♥ At any rate, these guys will go perfectly into my giant binders of fire horse flats:

(yes, those are all nearly full)

Next time I'll be doing a Ponyta/Rapidash update, but they've overrun their shelf space. XD I'll be going through my water type, fire type, babies and misc. collections to see what I can part with and rearrange over the next month or so~

Quick wants: If you have any non-English/Japanese Ponyta or Rapidash TCG, I'm very interested :D It's my goal to have each version in every printed language, and I'm lacking a lot of Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch cards, and have NO Korean or Portuguese cards! D:
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