Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

(shortest ever) HALLOWEEN CONTEST IS ON!!!

It is I vonce again, back for anuzzer year of spooky scary Pokeymons. Yes, zee one and only Count Raicula! I vas trapped inside my coffin a little bit long zees year, but now I vill demand for your blood sacrifices!!!
Or photo sacrifices, zat is also okay I suppose

WHAT!: Take your toys, and dress them up for Halloween. This can mean any number of things! Make them a costume to send them trick or treatin' in, or set them up in a Halloween-or-autumn-like photo! Your goal: appeal to the masses! Take the best and most creative photo, and all the entries will be judged by the community! You can post as many photos/photostories as you like, but must pick only one of them to submit for voting in the end.

HOW: Take your photo or photostory. If you posted multiple entries or photos, pick ONE entry that will be voted on by the community in a poll. When you post your entry (using the CONTEST tag or it won't be included!) make sure you just let us know which is your official photo for judging (in the case of more than one photo).

WHEN?: Get your entries in by OCTOBER 30th!!! That's FIFTEEN DAYS FROM NOW!!! ARRRRRGH!! We will spend the days of Halloween checking out the entries all together and voting to keep the community in Halloween spirit!

WHY?: Because the winner gets a Pokedoll or similarly priced (we can discuss if you win what you want) item from the Pokemon Center shipped to them free of charge courtesy of your MOSTE EVIL ADMINISTRATOOR! And once you are all on my side, I will suck out your souls Just trying to spread Halloween cheer! :)

Post any questions here but remember, your entries must be posted as separate posts with the CONTEST tag!! Now go my darlings mix up your dastardly brews!!

-Only one photo/entry per member will be accepted into the official vote this year, just trying to mix it up.
-You can photoshop your entry to your heart's content.
-You can use custom made Pokemon! But I recommend against creating a custom item JUST for this contest - it's not a contest about art skills :) Try to use custom goods you already have if possible.

Tags: contest
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