belchor (belchor) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some mc donalds toys!

Hello everyone!

Recently, the pokemon toys arrived to our local mcdonalds and i really love them! But.. only 4 of them arrived!: Zekrom, Reshiram, Zoroark and a different pikachu (wich looks pretty cool as he is in an attack pose!)

Sadly, i was really looking forward to getting zorua, snivy, tepig and oshawott so i was wondering if any of you have them for sale!
I live in Argentina so i would be glad if you could give me their total price shipped. Also, im looking for the lowest price and it would be great if i could buy the 4 of them from the same person!

So, anyone has zorua, snivy, tepig and oshawott mcdonalds toy for sale? Please say yes and tell me the price you have on mind =)

Thank you!

Here are some pictures of the pikachu they are giving here! its in attack mode and it cames with that red base, wich you can use to throw pikachu but.. its not like he moves that much o.O anyway, you can take him off the base and he looks great (I hope the image´s size is ok as its the first one im uploading. If its not, please tell me!) by the way, sorry for the qualityi of the images XD

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