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Collection+intro post

I've been around here for a month+ buying some stuff and building my collection up so I thought I'd finally introduce myself to the community.

I like to collect fire Pokemon, especially Entei, Reshiram, and Ho-oh. I also want to collect the rest of the legendary beasts and the Musketeer quartet once more merch comes out (especially of Terrakion).

(kinda image heavy)

And now what's behind the laptop

I randomly pulled that Raikou card...still so happy. ;~; If anyone has the Entei half name your price, I may be interested.

Two binders of cards. I think I should have taken a picture from the side. :l The blue one is completely full and the black one has several pages filled. Anyways close up of the shelves!

Two tins (on my shelf). Debating opening the Pidgey/Pidegot pack, not sure yet.

My Enteis~

Reshiram. I bought it from havvaiibabe and it arrived today! It's so soft, I love it!

The shelf.

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