vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection updates and wants

hey guys i have been waiting to do this but i wanted to wait until all of my items had arrived and now they all have =]

first off is my vappy collection update just a few things =]

my bootie vappy plush i got off ebay (and no idc that it is a bootie i love all vappy products hehe) along with my 2 custom made vappy keychain and cell phone charm made by Mirera on DA

now onto my non vappy collection (just realized i never took ANY pics of these hehe

first are my plushies: KFC Dratini bought from vulpixlover, then Piplup banbresto bought from aburamechan, then Jakks(?) Teddiursa bought from aleyina, then Buneary Pokedoll bought from herar, then my Jakks Gen 5 plushies from target, last at the top of the piramid is my PC Emolga plush bought from punkspacewafers

last are some small things hehe
my jolteon paperchild and an ACEO card with mine and my BF's initials and 2 special dates =] next is a mime jr. zukan figure i think? it is really tiny and has a hole like to be put on a base free from aleyinanext is an ACEO card of my Oshawott OC Shi-Shi made by SalamenceClaw on DA, lastly is a little Gyrados stand figure thingy and a Pikachu note piece and a Munchlax note piece free extras from vulpixlover

--my grail- vaporeon canvas
--any vaporeon plush
--any vaporen figure or kid
--any custom vaporeon anything hehe

anything except cards not really into collecting the cards

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