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Splitting a box of Pokemon Poker cards

Quick GB sale on splitting a box of Pokemon poker cards.

For $5 shipped (to anywhere), you can pick one of the following lot,

- Lot Option A: one "3-stage evolutionary line".
- Lot Option B: two "2-stage evolutionary lines (this includes the fish variants)".

Exceptions are the seasonal deer lot, they are $7 shipped for all eight.  And the elemental monkey lot is $6 shipped for all six.  The Reshiram pair lot is $5 shipped.

Request are honor on a first come, first serve basis. =)

Combine shipping discount is $3.00 off for each additional lot.

If you want to get the whole deck, each new sealed deck is $13 shipped to US (+1 for CAN and +$2 for EU/OZ).  Reshiram version is pictured, but the Zekrom version has Zekrom as the Joker cards.

Paypal info and shipping rules and terms can be found here.  They will be shipped in top-loaders.  Any left over cards will be distributed at random with priority given to whoever purchased the most lots.

Please note, these days I might take up to two weeks to find the time to gather the items and ship them out. >_<

For faster service, please go with eBay or Amazon. ^_^"

Confused yet?  Probably.  Please reply with your request and I will sort them out! =)

BTW, I might call off the whole thing if this is a stupid idea and no one is interested! XD
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