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Need help with identifications! And a super tiny wants...

...and they're all kinda related to Rotoms (o゚ω゚o)

Okay let's start with this mysterious Rotom Pokedoll I found yesterday from a local toy store:
 (Umm just ignore all the random plushs aside :p)
Why is this Rotom so mysterious? It's because I found this in a pile of random Banpresto plush and bootleg Sinnoh starters Pokedolls ∑( ̄□ ̄;)
And then I'm from Hong Kong, the mysterious place where all the fake and factory reject Pokemon plush gathers (?)

So...the question is, is this Rotom Pokedoll a bootleg or a legit?
I've tried to find more photos about the bootleg one rumored around the internet, but I had no luck except finding this pic over and over again (/ˍ・、)I would really appreciate it if someone has a photo for the fake one.

All that I know about the booty Rotom is that the tiny round thing under their body isn't that roundish at all, but I can't really tell if mine is not round enough or not (-ι_- )

Booty Piplup Pokedoll is for comparison :3c

You can see the hang tag from the Rotom is a bit different from the booty Piplup...but then I don't really have a legit hang tag for comparison ;w;

Here's the scanned version for the hang tag:

And here are the tush tags~

At least the Rotom Pokedoll has matching years for the hang tag and tush tag! Looks like they've improved about faking tags if this one is a booty =w=
Another interesting thing about this Rotom is that, I actually find this with another Rotom Pokedoll with different tags OwO
The other Rotom Pokedoll has a really used hang tag, even though both tags stated that it's from the 2009 release(?) And the colors on that hang tag seems to have faded a bit than the 2008 one I got home too.

So...if both of them are booties, looks like it's time for everyone to be more careful with the newer Pokedolls since then <:3c

And for the second question...it's about chou gets!
Does anyone know if there are bootlegs for the chou gets?

It's not like I would like to get the fake ones, of course ^^; Just wondering if the ones in packs I found in toy stores are the fake ones or not. I've been seeing a lot of them recently (@。ー。 @)
The stores are selling them for about 5.8USD per packs, which is about the price you can get from the gashapon machines. While they have no paper tags, the painting quality actually looks okay to me...

If there really are no bootlegs for chou gets, I may try to buy the set that has a Rotom inside *u*

Last but not least, here is a super tiny list for my current wants:

A Frost Rotom kid and a Wash Rotom kid! I regret so much about not getting them years ago when they appeared in Toys"R"Us ;w;
...and yes that's all I need right now. I don't have the money for the clear Rotom kid /is shot

Some Wartortle stuff (non-flat) would be nice too, but then I am quite picky about the quality...sometimes even the painting jobs on zukans doesn't look right to me
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