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My Collection Part 2!

Hi again everybody! Since I didn't get to take pictures of everything I had in my intro post (Located here if you want to see!) I decided to make a second post for the stuff I didn't show before.

(Preview of my bed full of newer plush)

Starting off with the front of my bed, we've got my Charizard Pokemon Center Plush, Charizard PokeDoll, Charizard Banpresto, Whimsicott Pokedoll, and Charmander Hasbro plush among others (The Oshawott up there is an "Oshawatt" tag misprint /random fact)

Going along, most notable plush are my beast trio pokedolls, Japanese Pokemon Center Snivy, Tepig, and Munna plush, and B/W tour Zekrom and Zoura.

Nearing the end, notable are Ampharos Banpresto, Salamence Banpresto, and Giratina Pokedolls (I love these things, man. There's something about Gira dolls that steals my heart <3)

I'm sure some of you at this point are like "Woa what happened to Flygon's eye ._." I used to bring that Flygon everywhere with me, since I was going through a weird time in life and needed something to snuggle. Through all that I've gotten dirt, dust, and chocolate ice cream on my Flygon, so the eye peeled off except for the little sliver you see now. The other eye is actually still completely intact, weirdly enough, but I've always looked at the sliver eye, so it's weird to me to see the other one. xD;;

The last part of my bed, legendary Pokemon PokeDolls and my Shinx Explorer Jakks. C:

I figured I'd take pictures of my Pokemon video game-oriented stuff, so here it is:

All sorts of cases, the Pokemon Dash one holds my DS Fat, the Pokemon Pearl one holds my game container, the Skymin one holds my DS Lite, the Dialga and Palkia one holds my Dialga and Palkia Limited Edition DS Lite (Which was hard to get a picture of, so no pictures of that below, though I'm sure you guys are sick of seeing it anyway xD), the Pokemon Black one holds my Special Edition Pokemon Black DSi (No pictures of that either), the Ho-Oh one holds my white DSi, and the Rayquaza one holds my Charizard GBA SP.

My DS fat has been around with me a lot of places, so it's really beat up. The Pikachu pokedoll charm strap on it doesn't even have a nose or mouth anymore. xD;;

This is my white DS Lite, it has an Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon silicon cover on it. C:

One of my favorite items in my collection, the Charizard GameBoy Advance SP. <3 It always felt magical to be playing it, since it seems so unreal that Charizard (My favorite Pokemon) would get a special place on a Nintendo system (My favorite systems ever).

(Bad quality)Close-up of the inside insignia on my Charizard GBA SP

My beloved Pokemon Mini. <3 Complete with Lucario Pokemon Center strap!

Pikachu Nintendo 64! I'm forever amused about how the cheeks light up when it is turned on hehe. <3 I was just recently playing some Pokemon Stadium, so that's in there.

I'm sure you all know what the Pokemon games look like, so I'm not going to show pictures of the ones I have, but rest assured I have almost all of them complete in box (Minus the ones in my wants list, link at the end of the post c: )

This is one of the rare bookshelves that I have that actually has books on; my Pokemon manga collection! c: Also a couple PokeDexes and some Let's Find Pokemon books.

Strategy guides, some TCG albums, and my Pokemon DSi box that I'm using to keep the books up until I get more. xD;; (If you're wondering about the PokeDoll tags, this is the back side of the shelf with my Sceptile and Altaria Pokedolls, among others)

I have some of my rarest (and prettiest) cards in this frame, mostly shinies and Charizard line.

These are my PokeDoll charms that I referenced in my first post.

My Pokemon 10th anniversary watch. <3 I love this thing so much, I got it a few years ago after missing the chance to buy it on the Pokemon Center website. Got it mint in box and everything, totally opened it because I'm insane like that.

HATS! I got the black one from Toys R Us, the Pikachu one from Worlds 2008, and the Mewtwo from Worlds 2008 as well. C: I wear these to TCG tournies frequently.

As a continuation of the random stuff, here's a picture of my Pokemon stationary journals. I've never used any of them to write in, the pages are too pretty <3 (If anybody wants a scan of any of the pages, you can ask! C: )

(Sorry it got cut off at the bottom) Stationary set that matches the Eeveelution journal above! I love this set so much, I take it out just to look at. <3

Above my desk I have these cork boards. I like to put Pokemon game ads and the bead sprites that I make up there. C: The blank spot is where a non-Pokemon thing goes, I took that down for the picture. xD

I'm pretty sure that concludes my collection finally! There are a couple Jakks that I have around in random corners of my room, but they're not really exciting enough to take pictures of. *derp*

Thanks a bunch for looking at my collection and bearing with the bad photo quality! :D Hopefully you guys enjoyed it~

Also I created a wants list, if you could take a look so I can give you my money <3
~~~~~Wants list link! C:~~~~~
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