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GA reminder, sales update and a re-intro!

Hey guys! Me here with one hella long post <_>

firstly, this GA here:

I'm still owed a ton of payments from this!

Spreadsheet is viewable HERE: I AM A SPREADSHEET AND ILU

IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID (I believe only killerjaw01 and I have paid so far) then please send to your_master_is_here(AT)btinternet(DOT)com with your username and GA PAYMENT 2 as the note. Many thanks! Please post here when you've paid.

I will be PMing people if I dont get your payments tonight with a reminder :)

Secondly I have a big sales update! Includes a charizard paki paki plush, a whole bunch of rare mewtwo things and tons of old playing cards! Prices have also been slashed, whatever doesn't sell WILL be going on ebay, so this is your last chance!


I also have that massive pikachu lot up on ebay! if youre interested in it let me know and don't hesitate to make an offer!

And finally, my long overdue re-introduction!

For those that don't know me, My name is Danni, and I live on the sleepy south coasts of the united kingdom. I've been a pokemon fan since late 1996-early 1997, when my dad's friend in japan sent over some drawings he had done of pokemon and the effect that pokemon had made over in it's home country. Since then I waited patiently for the game's release on english shores, and was not disapointed on it's inevitable release. 14-15 years later, I'm still as big a fan as I was then as I am now.

I've now been a member of this community for around a year and a half, and I've met some of the most wonderful people during my stay, collecting my favourite pokemon :) So without further ado...


My favourite pokemon is Gible, closely followed by Raichu. Gible was the first pokemon in over 7 years or so that really grabbed me with its design, and emotionally means a lot to me. When I first played the gen 4 pokemon games, I really wasn't that big a fan. The series was starting to feel a little tired, and I was bored of it by the 4th gym. My boyfriend, who lived a fair while away at the time, decided to try and help cheer me up by sending me a 'pokemon that can evolve into a total powerhouse' via wifi, thinking that if I had a stomper of a guy, then I could breeze through the game and finally start building a team I liked.

So he caught and sent me a gible, with the intention of telling me to level it into a garchomp.  He named it 'george', after the cartoon  sharky and george; a show we were both nostalgic for and one of the first things we talked about when we first met. He tells me he still remembers hearing my sqees of delight when I first saw Gible on the wi-fi trade station XD Since that day on it was love at first sight!

I now want to own the most extensive collection of Gible merchandise ever assembled; and so far I think I'm doing pretty well...

assembling this took a lot of blood, sweat and tears XD Here is what I know to be every single non flat Gible specific item ever made.

closer shot of all the flats :D

close-up of all the figures; so much cute sharky goodness!

there's only been one new addition to the non-flats...

this teeny tiny gible in a bottle, based off the picture I made for my first ever post on pkmn collectors! ;A; For the people that don't remember, this is the art in question:

this thing is TINY! Dialga kid, just how small is it?

why thank you, dialga kid B:

what else do I have?

custom keychains :D gible with pokeball and gible eating raichu were by captainangel and the other one was done byruenis :D

this custom is by captainangel and is one of my most treasured items...she made this for me after I'd been going through some rough times, and it's just perfect <3 THANK YOU! It has a very special place on the top shelf


Gible, very sadly, never got an official plush :C however, I commisioned system69 to make me one to some specs I gave her, and the plush I recieved was...near perfect ;A; thank you SO MUCH!

He is called george after my first ever Gible :'D

he chills here with his bro's :'D (notice DX fuzzychu wearing a custom gible tophat by nightmare_chan2 :D)

and here is the bag I take everywhere! I custom made this myself quite a while ago, and whilst it's starting to show it's age now, it still gets a load of compliments and comments at cons and TCG events :D

If you see any gible items here that you're selling that I don't have, please let me know! I will very happily purchase them off you! I will even buy items where he is appearing with other pokemon!
OKAY, thats enough of Gible :D Now onto my other collection, Raichu!

hot damn :V

Raichu is an expensive little bugger. I tend to try and be patient with his goods, waiting ultil I can nap them a bit cheaper than usual...but sometimes I splurge, like on the KFC toys B:

lets have a looksee!

this was my mini grail for a while; the reversable KFC raichu/pikachu plush, that was only available in english-speaking asian countries. He's a lot bigger than I thought he would be! He is so very cute and he sits atop my diablo figure XD

my raichu play by play backpack :D I have pokepalace to thank for this!

my most recent aquisition ;A; The KCF puzzle island raichu figure. In a unique pose (and super heavy) he is simply a doll! Got into a mini bidwar for this, but it was so very worth it! LOOK AT THAT CUTE LIL FACE

That electric type mug that canvas chu sits in is very rare; I've only ever seen two and I've been the owner of both of them. One I kept and the other I sold to our very own gin (aka denkimouse) where it will permanently reside I imagine! It's a very beautiful piece :D

another recent aquisition; the very rare Lt surge japanese theme deck! This set is particuarly special as it comes with an exclusive raichu TCG coin that wasn't available on western shores! Got this in a massive TCG lot that I'll detail on later! I already had the coin, but to have the deck complete and mint was just too awesome!

heres the only other custom I've made that I've kept; my raichu 3D standee, made a while ago as a commision example. I was originally going to sell it, but when I finished it I loved it too much to sell it! I'm normally very weird about keeping my own commisions in my collections, so this is a very rare exception to the rule :)

the cuteslt little raichu dish ;A;

bottom shelf time! :D


But why is tehre a massive random pokeball amongst the rai's I hear you say? Well...


he guards my random flats :'D
If you also have any raichu items that I don't have for sale, please let me know! I will very gladly buy them!

and now we move onto my boyfriend's gengar collection! Gengar has and always will be his fave pokemon...I used to not be the biggest fan, but his enthusiasm for the ghostly troublemaker is so infectious I have to say I love him now! XD


oh! I also collect raichu TCG :d here's my collection so far; I've ordered a new folder for them, so they're somewhat homeless atm...

and here are the most recent aquisitions that I haven't added yet;

always after more rairai TCG I don't have! I want the most complete raichu TCG collection as I can make possible (I know I will never have all of them because prerelease raichu hurrdurrdurr) 

speaking of TCG, I also collect TCG! I now play at league and will be attending regionals and nats for this season. Yay B: here is my TCG collection thus far:

here is where all my decks, dice and counters live :D I have a lot of decks ;A;

all of my collection folders minus my reverse rares and rares folders (and there will be more soon, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY FOLDERS :V)

god-damn it I swear those tins multiply :T There are more tins behind the ones in the foreground btw. they are all full of commons and uncommons. The TR folder has all my vanilla rares

OOPS I FORGOT ONE (this folder hold every single english legend card printed so far B: I also highly doubt they'll make any more, so I'm calling it a complete set for now)

and now to my pride and joy...when I first started collecting cards again, I asked captainangel what my main focus should be...it flittered between many things, untill I saw my first shining pokemon cards. And then I knoew; I wanted every singly english pokemon card to feature a shining pokemon ever made. And thus here is where my collection stands! It has gaps for all the ones I'm missing:

(im getting shining mewtwo in the post, and currently working a deal out for shining celebi)

Im getting shiny vulpix and lotad in a trade :D

I'm getting shiny lugia, deoxys and kyogre in the post, so I will have all the CoL shinings! thanks to byakuya for the kyogre! :D

many thanks to slowpuff for charizard star, groudon star, shining raikou and shining kabutops! <333 without you this collection would be so far behind <3
and thank you godudette for jolteon star, prguitarman for flareon star, (captainangel also <3) for shining mew and mudkip star, and kyogres for rayquaza star
and dezchu for shiny groudon :D

oh yes, if you collect TCG you know what these are. And I won't tell you the prices I paid for them because you may just punch me :B (hint: it was under $30 for the pair)

If you want to help complete my collection, my wants are here: http://fizzycat.livejournal.com/8155.html#cutid1 all help is most greatly appreciated! <33333

here are my newest TCG gets!

the base set and jungle packs will be kept sealed and framed when I get the fossil packs to go with them :)

crystal lugia was a very lucky ebay buy for around $5. Such a beautiful card!

and finally, we arrive to where it first began; the video games.

I would be lying if I said pokemon memrobelia was my main collection. My biggest collecting hobby has always been (and will always been) video games, with me having an entire room dedicated to them. The pokemon games are no exception :D

I'm sure you guys have seen the games plenty of times so I'll just show you the cool stuff:

top shelf!

my gorgeous groudon and kyogre GPA SP's! Kyogre is a bit scratched, but these things are so rare ;A;

bottom shelf!

The NYC grand opening GBA, Boxed and mint! Even comes with the official carry case :D

the ultra rare latios and latias pokemon center GBA, boxed complete, This was off a community member but I forgot who! Let me know who you are and I'll credit you for this beautiful piece <3

this beautiful badge set was released in japan in commemoration of Gold and Silver's release. Features all the japanese box art of the pokemon games up till that point!

the pokemon yellow limited GBC (still after a box for this!)

the gold and silver yellow colored GBC (need a box for this too!)

and finally the gold/silver colored gold and silver GBC (still need a box for this too, thanks spideyroxas!

But seriously, I couldn't have got this far without every single comm member. Through the good times and the bad, the comm has always been there to bring a smile to my face, whether its via new merch being announced, to collection posts, to sales to members just helping me out and giving me advice; You all make up the best internet community that has ever exsisted. Thank you so so much to each and every one of you! <333 This was the first internet community I truly felt a part of, and I am proud to be a member of the pokemon collectors family. Much love and cookies to you all!
and FINALLY! EXPO is just 14 days away! Thank you so much to all the UK members who have given me feedback thus far, but if you are going to be at london expo and havent commented on the potential meetup post, please do so! We'd love to see you there! I will be announcing the day and time next week, so let me know asap!

Click the picture of fake cut for more details!


and that is FINALLY. FINALLY. the end of this monster post. Thank you so so much for reading, and I love you all! Thank you!

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