moerodoragon (moerodoragon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update. Grails. Question.

Hello all!!! Here's just a small collection update.  I been focusing on figures lately and here is what I've got in the last few weeks:


Two of the figures came with these two inserts.  What are these?

Clear Kyogre! Woot I was so happy getting this.  This is my first ever clear kid.  I have a clear Groudon on the way. I can't wait for that to come in.  I'm all ways on the look out for a shiny Groudon kid! So if you know where I can get one, please let me know!!

Pikachu Printer. I got it so it can match my Pikachu GameBoy Light

Now on to Grails!!

I was so lucky to get the Zukan and I some how managed to get two!!!!   (A special thanks goes out to myvampirelust19 for running the GA and letting me claim the Zukan when someone didn't own up to payment.)
Tags: archen, archeops, blitzle, collection, druddigon, groudon, kids, kyogre, samurott, venusaur, zukan
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