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Will you wish upon, will you walk upon me?

Small-Medium Bead Sprite Commissions <3 (oct. customs #1)

I don't think anyone has offered these in a while, and since making them is ADDICTIVE OMG, I'd like to open 10 spots for menu, walky or trozei sprites. <3

My sales permission was granted in April of 2010 by lineaalba. A lot of members don't know me so I'll state this up front.

I'm offering up to 10 spaces for a menu, walky or trozei sprite. Alternatively you can show me a sprite **of the same size as these** you made and I can probably bead it unless it's too big. I have MOST available perler colors; requests for items with new colors will take longer as local store selections are weak and I need them ordered. I do not currently have the boards needed to create items of larger size than these.

Finished sprites are usually 2-4" in across/tall depending on if your poke crawls or walks xD

Example: These are all menu sprites, I won't have a camera for a couple days.
I can give you a crappy cell phone pic of a couple others I've done if you'd like though.






more (mostly unfused) here: http://floogennacht.deviantart.com/gallery/

NOTE: The iron was too hot on shiny!blim, I have since always been able to fuse these correctly. I CANNOT attempt to fill in all the holes, in my experience this usually results in distortion or burning of the sprite.


Menu sprites: what you see in your pokemon list!
$4 (ditto, voltorb) - $7 (drifblim, regigigas)

walky: they follow you!
$4 (voltorb) - $9 (huge legendaries, note that I may need to buy another board if it's bigger than I've previously done- no extra cost, just more wait time)

Trozei: 4 in a row and you're good to go! $6-10. Example of unfused pikachu in above DA link.

TIME: I will do these all over 1-2 days next week. I work strange hours at the moment so I may send you replies at like 3 am, etc. I seriously can't get enough of making these so I will have them fairly fast.

SHIPPING: To anywhere in a bubble mailer. I will weigh items for actual shipping costs (and I think I can do this even when the actual office is closed, they have a lobby with a self-checkout kinda deal and a scale!).

1. Aisarang- walky shiny Leafeon

thanks! <3 once I get my camera back I intend to do a re-into and collection post. If you like floons, torbs and regis, stay tuned!

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