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Commissions! Auction! New stuff!

Hello, community! :D I come today with a few special things!- Some new gets, a new auction, AND.... COMMISSIONS! *_* Let's not waste anymore time, nya? :3

Let's start with crochet commissions first. :D

I'm offering two commission slots at this time, and its first-come, first-serve! (Although I may start a waitlist if there are more people interested in plushies!) Prices for commissions range from $45-65, not including shipping or material costs. Please click the banner above to be transported to my official commissions post in my LJ- it has all the information you'll need to know to commission me. :3 Thanks so much!!

Now... time to show off a big juicy box of stuff I got from ebay about a month ago and never posted. xD Lookie, lookie! (More pictures under the cut!)

....Can you guess why I bid on this lot? ..... Oh yeah. All dem charmanders. JUST LOOK AT THEM IN ALL THEIR CUTENESS. The best thing- that Yawarakai Charmander plush! <3 I can't believe how soft he is. HE'S AMAZING. You just don't even know.

Some closeups!

Chars, cool case with Sugimori Charizard and Blastoise art, Entei TFG, Dragonite bell charm, Jakks Shinx plush...

Tiny flaren fig, some stampers, Jakks Spheal, a few clear kids (Gyarados, Snubbull, and Golduck), Eyeliner-Mew kid, and a Marowak zukan piece! (No Cubone or base, though. If you have one for sale, let me know! :D) Also, that shiny thing under Mew is a coin with Glalie on it. Random.)

Here are the books that came in the lot; five of them are full-color manga versions of the early anime episodes, two are crazy other manga stories, and the orange one in front is like a mini game guide for the first Gameboy games. Very cool!

I also got a few cool cards with the lot! But... I'm not much of a TCG collector. Is there anything particularly awesome in this lot?  XD I'd love to have more info on the value of these guys. (I'll definitely be keeping the 'chars, though, lol.)

A lot of these items will probably end up in my sales post later (which is seriously outdated so I'm not gonna post a link to it now but you can find it on my LJ if you want to look xD). But if you see anything in there that you want to get your hands on, feel free to let me know or even throw a price my way! :3 <3

Also, did you notice a certain yellow figure in those pictures that I failed to mention?

Yeah. That one.

Yup, its a Jakks Jolteon figure! Its in excellent condition and was a TOTALLY unexpected get. I was looking through the stuff, pulled that out, and went, "Oh, cool, a Jolteon.... waitaminute.... that's a ... JAKKS JOLTEON." *freak out moment* Annnnd, as much as I love the eeveelutions, I'm a Flareon collector, so I thought I'd offer this guy up for auction on the community! I know there are more die-hard collectors of the eevees than me. :)

*Offers start at $25 and do NOT include shipping. (However, I will include free Delivery Confirmation/Tracking for people in the U.S.! International people can still bid of course, but tracking/insurance costs are too much for me to front myself.)
*Auction ends next Monday, October 24th, at 11:59 pm, EST. (Countdown here.)
*Please bid in the appropriate comment thread below this post!
*Please be ready to pay immediately upon the auction's end if you are the highest bidder. If payments are not paid within one week of the auction's end, I will offer the item to the second highest bidder and will leave you negative feedback on the comm.

And finally... I have a simple request for you guys! :D
Does anyone have a Charizard Pokemon Center pillow, from the 10th Anniversary series? They look like this:

I would absolutely love to get my hands on one of these babies. If you can help me out, please let me know! <3
Ok, that's enough typing. x3 See you guys later!
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