drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update :3

hi all~! since i am going on vacation for the next month and a half in a few days, i figured i'd do a collection update cause i'll really miss all my stuff ;u;

soooooooooo. lots of pictures under the cut oooof my Groudons, Munchlaxes, Kyogres, Snorlax, and kiids. xD
(i forgot my Swadloons buuuuuuuut. oh well ;u;)

first up, my Groudon collection!

one of my Pokedolls (the tagged one) and ssdkjasdlkdsjfklj figures xD

mooooar figures! Groudon has such nice ones!

More figures, including the launcher i got from Rainyan <3 and the Pokedoll tin i got from Rachelled! <3
and of course the hat and pokecen plush among other things~!

all of my plush together! i'm missing the oversized Pokedoll and the pillow. with those i will have a complete collection!
these guys (minus one of my pokedolls and the pokecen plush) hang out on my bed. xD

my Groudon collection is so big! thanks to you guys.
i'm still waiting on some things and i'm still on the search (especially for the Zukan) but it will get there <3

(i also just noticed in the corner of that picture you can see my giant Swadloon peeking out from under blankets xDD)

next up....Munchlax!

most of my plush. the Tomy that's sitting on the top is normally on my bed.
(and of course there's my Axew and a Zoroark xD)

figures and jakks plush~
pretty small compared to my Groudon collection, but i'll find more things! eventually. xDD

aaaaaaaaaand Drifloons!

not everything, but a few things. most of the plush were ones i made 12314234 years ago. :3

and now~ Kyogres <3

it's expected to get bigger since i have things coming from GA's!
but yes. i love this blue whale. i kind of don't want it to get much bigger, but who knows.. xD

aaaaaand next is Snorlax <3

i downsized a tiny bit. but i still love Snorlax very much! <3

lastly is my kids!

i have a box of kids for the moment. probably about +50 there, not counting my Groudons and Kyogres.
it's expected to double when i get back!
my friend helped me get a lot of kids on Y!J and we're splitting it so i get all the gen3's (and it even includes a DX Wailord omg)

they're in a box at the moment because i don't have a place for them right now.
but when i get back home from staying with my boyfriend, they'll get a place. i can't be bothered to organize at the moment ;u;

okay, lastly, i have a question for you guys! Who is/who are your travel buddy(ies)?

These two will be mine! (Since I cannot bare to leave home without a Groudy or a Munchy)

Baby LB, my Tomy Munchlax (who is super soft and is named after my friend LB who is a "Snorlax" xD) and Shrimp, one of my two Groudon pokedolls. <3

I'd also love to see pictures of your travel buddies in different places~!
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