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Introduction - New to LiveJournal

Hello! :)

My name is Nicole, I'm new to LiveJournal so please excuse me if I seem a bit ignorant to how all of this works. As stated in bio, my main reason for joining is to keep up with the Pokemon collectors LiveJournal page, because I myself am a modest collector. So I have a feeling this page is going to be geared towards Pokemon topics, especially collectors merch. I personally collect mainly large plushies from the first #1-151 and also love anything Dragonite related. If you have the same interests, don't hesitate to friend me! I'm trying to learn my way around this site so any friendly help would be greatly appreciated!

As I stated earlier, I am a modest collector. I can't boast about how large my collection is, and unfortunately is used to be much larger, but many of my cards and figurines have long since been sold to other collectors. Fortunately though by narrowing down my focus, I've been able to invest in some great piece that I truly cherish. Here's a picture of what i have to date. I have a 13" Psyduck on the way as well, so I will update the picture when that comes in. 

Again, please excuse my ignorance if I don't understand all the etiquette of LiveJournal. I'm still trying to figure out all the rules to GA's! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing everyone's awesome collections. 
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