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Giant irethsune lot is in!

Hurray! The lot has arrived (and super quickly thanks to irethsune <3 ) so it's time for payment two! The spreadsheet is located right here. Please send all payments to godudette[@]gmail.com and make sure you include your username in the memo!

Before you send payment, however, check under the cut for all of the GA extras! I spent a lot on shipping supplies for the winners, so the items are up for sale to help with the cost. =3 I have also added other items from my own collection  for sale because I would like to [minimize my sales posts this week so that i] keep my next post... as an epic collection post. ;) 

GA extras are available to anyone! Participants get discounts. <3

Sales Information
  • I was granted sales permission by denkimouse on March 10, 2011.
  • I ship from the US and will ship internationally. Shipping starts at $1.50 and goes up.
  • I only accept paypal. Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving your total or the items will go to the next person interested. I normally ship within one to two business days of receiving payment.
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Please ask for tracking or insurance if you need it.
  • Community feedback is located here.

Talking Figures- $2 for participants, $4 for non. These will add to shipping costs.
Pachirisu plushes- $2 for participants, $4 for non.

Everything- .50 for participants, $1 for non.
(Electrike, Ninjask, Huntail pokedex figures, Mesprit and Uxie clipping figures, Abra metal and gray figures, Plusle and Minun balance balls, squishy Aipom fig, Pichu suction cups, clear Oshawott chou and Dratini fig.)

Everything- .50 for participants, $1 for non.
(Pachirisu BK, Psyduck squirter, Ivysaur keychain, Eevee tomy, eevee fig, Hoppip and Torchic keychains, Zigzagoon and Combusken mighty beanz)

Pins MIP- $1 for participants, $2 for non
Poliwhirl - Grimer/Muk - Kadabra
Tentacruel - Abra

More pins- $.75 for participants, $1.50 for non
Tepig sprite pin, Persian, Torchic and Pichu bros are also pins and come with a pokeball case to keep them in.

Everything - .50 for participants, $1 for non
Metal coins- Nidoran M - Dragonair - Pachirisu - Jolteon
Bottlecaps - Nidorino, Nidorina, Sandshrew  ---- Nidorino pin
Chikorita battrio -Sandslash pin - Sandslash bottlecap

MIP items - $.75 for participants, $1.50 for non
Pichu - Zekrom - Chikorita
Clear Zekrom - Lickitung - Dialga

Glittery Stickers- $.25 each or 5 for $1
I took the Darkrai one. <3

Lenticular stickers- If you hold it one way it is a pokemon, if you hold it the other way it is a pokeball! There are two of each
$.25 for participants, $.50 for non

Booty figures- free for participants, .25 for non

Random stuff- .50 for participants, $1 for non
Aipom squishy thing, Masterball, Celebi squishy thing, Nidoran papercraft/stationary?? idk
Tomy rotating stand, Darumaka mini stamp, Torchic stencil (IT MAKES AN AWESOME PICTURE I TRIED IT OUT GUYS)

Everything- $.75 for participants, $1.50 for non
Hoothoot book - Pika/Meowth book - Meowth book
Zekrom/Reshiram poster - Pojo magazine

Pokecen bags - .50 for participants, $1 for non
The green and yellow ones are two different sides to the same bag
Blue has piplup on it
Red is Chimchar


Books (used/read condition) - $2 each

Books (used/read condition) - $2 each

Books (used/read condition) - $2 each

Ash tin- $2 (has scratches)
PokeRom- $2 or both for $3
Zekrom/Reshi stylus pack- $6

All patches - $4 each
Rayquaza charm strap- $10 obo
Starters keychain- $2.50
Snivy stylus- $3

MIP Pika ornaments- $2
Figures- $1.50
Psyduck is a roller fig

3x Pokecen bags- $1

Metal Figs- $1
Sandlash (not metal lol), Lickitung (gold and silver) Kangaskhan, Nidoran
Wigglytuff, Charmeleon

Houndoom V-Trainers- $10 obo
Others- $.75

Metal Items- $1
Lugia coin, Entei keychain, Tangela/Nidoqueen/Lickitung/Snorlax coins

TCG coins- $.75
Palkia, Unova starters, Sinnoh starters
Pika, Vileplume, Kyogre

Pins- .75 (Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Pigeotto, Ivysaur, Pidgey, Wartortle, Squirtle)
Lickitung bottlecap - .50
Tentacool HGSS charm - $4

Pojo mag- .50
Other books - $2

Magazines- $.75

Like I mentioned, keep an eye out for my upcoming collection post... it will be utterly charming. <3
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