DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I need absols!

Hey guys! I've finally decided to pick a specific pokemon to collect and it's Absol. He's just...awesome. So now...I WANT!!! I really want this the most:

I prefer Mint in package but out of it is JUST FINE! I just don't want to buy him for 50+ dollars :C HELP

And does anyone have any leads to this figure? It's the
Pokémon Advanced Generation 10cm Double Action Figure Absol which I believed to have been released in Europe.

Other wants are:
Metallic Absol Tomy (If no one bid on him on that GA of Jame's lot on eBay with the lotto figures could you please tell me! I would like him!)
The kids: Regular, Shiny, Clear, Quick Attack (attack kid), Quick Attack Clear (attack kid)
Data Carrier Figure
BallChoco Figure
Pokedex Figure
Hasbro Silver Figure
And the Crystal and Pear Trading Figure

Please no Flats at this time :) Keychains if they're at a DECENT price! Thanks!
If you're interested in trades, here's my sales post here:

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