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My 2011 Halloween Contest Entry!

I know I have not posted an entry in forever and a day. I greatly apologize for this, but real life has just kept me rather busy. Well, that and funds are very tight. Despite money being tight, I have picked up some purple kitteh items here and there. I hope to do a collection update in the near future for even if it is a small one it is better then none!

Anyway, enough of my babbling and to the point of this post! Below the fabulous cut, you will find my entry for the pkmncollectors 2011 Halloween contest. If time was on my side, I would of come-up with something more creative, but I look at it this way at least I do have an entry...:D

Our story stars the awesome Pickles and cunning Zorgneko!

Pickles is all ready for Halloween!! Not only is it her favorite holiday, but it is mine too! It would seem that Zorgneko is being well, typical rotten Zorgneko! :P

Pickles always seems pretty proud of her costumes, well accept for last year when I dressed her like a hot dog! XD I have a feeling that this could end badly for Zorgneko. Ever since he arrived, Pickles has let his insults of disappointment go in one ear and out the other. Sadly, a chibi worm can only take so much...

Uh, oh I knew it Pickles finally snapped!!

A cotton candy cloud that rains chocolate milk?! I better go grab my glass!! I just hope when I toss the chocolate milk aside after drinking my glass, it doesn't explode...XD

So, there you have it and the last pic is my entry!  I apologize for the crudely put together story, but I only have "paint" on my computer to work with and no tablet. Now it is time for me to get some cleaning done...;)

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