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RE introduction + Wants! :D

Heya everyone! I think it's time I finally do a collection post and a RE introduction! as I used to be an old member. :)

I'll put this bit quick and simple. I used to be That_Zorua, but due to a relationship break up, my annoying ex decided it would be funny to delete my LJ ( as we shared the computer ) and I never found out until it was too late!
I took a complete break from everything after that, found somewhere new to live, and now I couldn't be happier! :) I'm sorry for not being on for ages or such, but ALLOT has changed.
I don't collect Zorua as die hard as I did, obviously. But before I was that_zorua, I was that_eevee, and eevee's never been replaced in my heart, and well! Shouldn't off! :/ So heres my ( slowly growing with 1:1 eevee soon ) eevee collection <3 I'll love it to look like it used too ! :) it will shortly. <3
I'm also best friends IRL with Kepishos and want to know if theres anymore liverpool UK based pkmncollectors! We are always looking :D ( And keep spotting pokemon in peoples windows! )

This little charm is like, pride of my collection atm. I love it! It's so cute and tiny ;-; It's part of an eevee tail.
I'm ALWAYS looking to purchase new eevees, I've got a list below of wants that you are free to look through! ( :

These.. came out of a odd story. I was burgled last month and had everything ( Family stuff, games, everything ) Stolen ( minus plush etc, obviously ) And I had my pokemon games stolen, but my friend sent me pokemon white and I started off with Oshawott, who is like, my only pokemon in game! So I had to collect the otter and became instantly in love with them since it all happened . <3 I SERIOUSLY say if you are thinking of collecting him, DOOIT! It's SO worth it man!

These are the "misc pokemon" So you've got Zoruas, Alakazams, Persians and many more, these are collections I just like to keep a few off now..Persians due to my cat that sadly left me last year. And alakazam because theres something about his design I love dearly! and just cute other pokemon.. as I love them dearly!

Rarity gtfo. >:( 

These are what I like to call the bed buddies. TILT HEAD FOR BETTER PICTURE. I can't rotate because I'm not that computer skilled..
1:1 ( or SO IT SAYS ) Oshawott - ( it' cant be lifesize.. eevees a TITSY BUTT comapred! )
Chimchar who let me say, is SOO soft, and a couple of others..
I just love hugging these ones!

I hope you enjoyed looking through everything, down below is a generic wants post.

Worth posting a wants post.
I finally got the 1:1 eevee... so it's off the list. thank goodness <3!

Minky pokedoll
any larger plush -
Small walky
Banpresto 17 inch super large eevee.
Christmas eevee plush
flat ( TOTES ROADKILL ) jk/jk eevee plush
Laying larger eevee plush
Kimochi chat laying eevee plush
Flower mascot plush ( The small newer released one = picture here = http://www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/4172535313/in/set-72157604021585981
Jakks figure
Mystery dungeon figure
Pokedex figure
New tomy - sitting
2006 Canvas eevee

Dream world plush - IN Bed
Christmas oshawott plush x 2 - Banpresto and Pokecen ones

Pokedoll - tagged
MC plus monocle figure
Tomy figure
Chibi Keyring figure
Laying down plush
Possibly - Tomy plush ( but not intreasted in it as much )

Alakazam plush
Glaceon Tomy MC PLUS figure.
"cute" pokedolls - plush
Also, If anyone was looking to contact me, PM ME. I hope to enjoy the com like I used to!
(sorry my pics aren't the best.. gah ) : c

Tags: collection, eevee, oshawott
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