Fiz (fiztheancient) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Price check and shipping tips please!

I just got sales permission and I'm trying to learn the value of some of the stuff I'd like to sell!

Anyone know how much this Dragonite Pillow Plush goes for any more?

(image from pokeplushproject)
I have one that is probably in somewhat loved condition. I'd really have to look him over but I don't think he has any holes in him or anything like that. I know he is fairly sought after so I'd like to give him a knew home at some point.

Also a price check on these pokedoll charms?

My own photo. Please excuse the spotty table D:
Would like a price for each individual charm if you can!

I would also love some shipping tips on shipping tcg cards and large items (like the dragonite pillow, hes about 3 foot insize). I have some cards I'd like to sell but I wouldn't want them to get beat up during shipping, so is there any particular precautions that you guys use to ship cards? I'm also not really sure how to ship big items so that the shipping isn't ridiculous, so tips on that as well would be much appreciated <3

Besides that, I should have a collection update fairly soon once I get the rest of the pokedolls I bought in the mail. I think I'm waiting on...5 pokedolls? Sometimes its hard to keep track! But for now, I'm working on my collection blog. So far I have all my audino, drifloon and mantyke items up on the site, along with the non-pokemon super cute mamegomas I have! I'll be taking individual photos of my entire collection as well. Check it out if you're interested!
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