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Collection update, shipping status, and small sales :3

HUGE collection update of gatr-y goodness :D

Feraligatr tupperware cup! :O I wasn't so sure about this when I bought it.. but it definitely has the Nintendo and Pokemon copyright on it, and is totally legit! So excited! I've never seen one of these before :D (Protip: there's a Chikorita line cup just like this one for sale below)

Cardbinder. Cardbinder. Card. Binder. I've seen some of these from first gen, but never any from second gen, let alone one this cool and detailed! So excited and happy to own this, and special thanks to marphoriafor noticing the lot with this in it!
and now I have somewhere to keep my gatr flats!:

I know I'm missing a bunch of the cards and stuff, I've been kind of lazy about flats <.<

MONSTER PIN BADGE. MONSTER PIN BADGE. THANK YOU SO MUCH dewott. I have been after this for like a year and a half, and been one comment too late twice ;o; So happy to finally have it!

super awesome cool see-through pog thing off of some sort of food product. Now I really wish I would have tried harder to get the other 2 of these with gatrs on them.. because it seems it will be one of those things that is insanely hard to find, since it was clearly cut off of some sort of container/food product. Either way, I'm glad to have won at least one of them :D

Battrio! Woo! Bout time I got some of these. I'm sure there are more I don't have still, but well.. at least I have a start! (thank you darkfaeprincess for the one on the right!)

Feraligatr dog tag! I've been after this for a while.. and then suddenly, somehow I end up with two of them.. what? lol

Yet another feraligatr power roller! I'm beginning to think that each pokemon that got one of these got one in every color... because I already had 3 of these in different colors, and then this one was brought to my attention. THE SEARCH CONTINUES.

Feraligatr room sign thing from the back of a valentine box! How cool! This also seems like one of those things that would be hard to find unless the person happened to keep the box the valentines came in,

AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL ADORABLE PAINTING BY zenity. ;w; I love it so much! Part of a trade we did, and I'm so glad we did! <3

So here's everything now:

I need a bigger shelf D;

Above top shelf

top shelf :o

Aren't they beautiful? ;w;
Too bad I'm running out of space for them <.< Moving time for my gatrs!

Now for all the non-gatr crap that I'm still excited about :D

Cacnea ufo and Grimer pokedoll! Yaaaaayy ^^ <3 so cute!

Camerupts! :D (L to R: Wap, Retsuden stamper, and pan sticker)

and this amazing binder! That is surprisingly big! and has all kinds of cool pokemon on it, but more importantly Camerupt!

Other collections! (side collections)

and that's it, I think! :D

Small sales:
1. I ship from the US to anywhere
2. I am a bit of a slow shipper because of school
3. I try to ship 4 days from receiving payment to allow time to transfer the money to my bank account.
4. paypal only please
5. hagging is welcome!
6. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009

Chikorita line tupperware cup! Not really sure what this is worth, but since I've never seen one before, I'm going to put it at $10 :>

Super cute slots machines featuring entire lines! Left to right: Chikorita line, Piplup line, and Cyndaquil line. $6.00 each
Sold: Pikachu line

Talking pikachu thing! Still works! $4.00

Shipping update: To my GA participants and anyone who ordered from my last sales, I have not had the chance to get to the post office yet. I will definitely have everything out by the end of this week though :> your patience is appreciated <3
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