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A hopeful return~

Good day, community!
Life has been really rough as of late, and has torn me from the community more than I would have liked. But now that things are finally settling down again, I hope to start being much more active again. I've missed being able to read through everyone's posts each day! I'm sure that the community has expanded immensely since my last active session, and hope to make a collection update/re-intro soon. C:

Firstly, I'd like to plug in my sales. Lots of new items from my personal collections, and not much over $5! Existing items got a very significant price cut. I /really/ want this stuff out of my house and into my savings for a car or into a few more items for my main collections!

I also am looking for any unique little Raikou or Arcanine things, excluding TCG but not really flats. Just small stuff as I more than likely cannot spend more than around $8 an item at this time. I do have extensive collections of both, so if the item is rather common, I most likely already own it. C: There ARE two things I am relentlessly searching for, however:

First is this - the Raikou dogtag from the UK-only released pokemon Metal Tags. I must search this item every day, and have only seen it appear once in a lot.

And another small item I have searched to the ends of the earth for. It's a tiny case for DS games, and this particular one was sold in packs with some starts and perhaps Celebi.

And to end my post, if anyone has heard from gabtizzle, any information would be appreciated. I have attempted PMing them a couple time to no avail.

Thank you for reading! <3
Tags: raikou, sales
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