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Re-introduction + Collection post!

Hey everyone, I've been pretty quiet on here for the past year or more so I figured it was time for a reintroduction and a collection post :)
I'm 24, female, and I live in Florida. I've been collecting now for several years although I haven't been active for a while due to annoying real life responsibilities :C But I am trying to be more active. I mainly like pokemon from the first 151 and I collect Sandshrew, Seaking, Mew, Venomoth, Jolteon, and ...Arceus, randomly.

But my MAIN collection is

warning: image heavy

so here's a collection post of everything I have currently C:
oh and random fact: I call all my Seakings Kayne. ...I'm not sure why.

all the kid variants. I'm so glad I finally have both of the clear kids <3

Water toys, big and small <3 I love that big guy

Tomy figure, clear booty tomy, and Tomy keychain

customs! The bell plush was made by Norika and I just love this guy to pieces <3 He's probably my fav collection peice. pokedoll charm was made by moguryuu, and I can't remember the user name of the one who made the cellphone charm off the top of my head unfortunately :s
I really need more customs ;A;

FLIP FLOPS. I stumbled across these randomly on a auction one day and was shocked they existed. I think they are pretty unusual.

Windchime. I never figured out a good way to display this thing (without the chime driving me nuts) but another really unique item I love <3

some basic figures. zukan, in-case figure, chrome figure, and magnet

slightly rarer figures. The bell keychain is one of my favs. So chubby! the derpy figure next to it may look like it should be a dime a dozen, but it's actually a very rare Brazilian figure that came from something like candy or soda bottles back in the day. The marble is less rare but I seem to have a hard time finding them lol. and I am desperate to get more colors of metal figures! please let me know if you have/spot one. I have hard the hardest time finding these guys ;A;

151 stamp and all the colors of chibi stamps. they used the same mold for the chibi stamps from the in-case figure it seems. Chibi seakings are so cyoot.

mini model rainbow! and the FCS figure too. still trying to complete my rainbow <3


itty bitty things including crayons and 151 badge. Those Taiwanese bottle caps are so much cooler in person than I can describe. I love em!

flats! not including my cards. too many of those to take photos of lol.

Now the whole collection! I'm amazed how much this has grown so far. There's not a lot of Seaking merch out there, and most of it is pretty old so its been a challenge to get it this far. And I want it to get bigger!

I also have a fair bit of Goldeens too C:

Also, I am interested in any non-flat Seaking items I do not already own; including bootlegs and color variations of things like mini models and metal figures. One thing I am REALLY interested in getting though is the keshimon. I'm not even sure if a keshimon exists of this guy, but if anyone knows for sure or has pics of it I would be very thankful <3 and if you know of any other seaking items that you don't see hear please tell me about it :D

Thanks for checking out my collection!
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