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Grail Get + Photo Story

Something awesome came in the mail today: one of my grails! Yes, grails. It doesn't make sense to have more than one, but it's hard which to choose I want as "the" grail.

Lugia really wants to know what's in that huge box. The story's under the cut. :D But be warned, it's kinda long and image heavy.

Well, today I came home to a big box sitting on the porch. I immediately knew what it was, but I held off opening it so I could do my first photo story. Here we go:

Zapdos: Guys! There's something big coming!

Charizard: Big?

Moltres: Yes, big.
Articuno : VERY big. It's a box.

"Grumpy" Lugia: Hmm, the last "big" thing to come along was me, and I only came in an envelope. Better check this out...

Lugia: What do you think?
Charizard: I think we should take a look. The last time a box came another cushy Lapras came to stay. They only keep to themselves up on the shelf; let's hope it's not another.

Lugia: Or worse.

Charizard: Worse? What could be worse than another derpy Nessie?
Lugia: Only one way to find out. Let's fly.

So after the box was moved to inside and to the living room couch, Lugia and Charizard decided to check out the monster package for themselves.

Lugia: Alright everyone, gather around.

Charizard: *laughts* This is much bigger than what you came in.
Lugia: And just why is that funny?
"DX" Lugia: Be quite, you two. I hear something moving.

Charizard: It smells like another dirty bir- I mean -it smells like a bird.

"Crazy" Lugia: Oh boy! Another bird! I wonder who it could be??


Lugia: Ok guys, let's open this box and get this over with-What?

As the box starts to rattle and open on its own, all the Lugia flock to see what is going on.

Crazy Lugia: It's so bright! What is it?

Grumpy Lugia: Oh my...

Bam! The giant talking Lugia finally appeared!

Grumpy Lugia: Wha-what is this??

Naturally, all the other "big" guys have to check out this giant among giants.

Some a little too much...

Crazy Lugia: Are you God?

Lugia: Get off me.
Grumpy Lugia isn't too pleased at being knocked from his "largest Lugia" pedestal.

But the others seem to like him just fine.

I took about an hour to clean this guy up. He still needs a bit more scrubbing in some really stubborn places, but oh my god, is he not gorgeous? I still haven't fully taken in the fact that he's mine and sitting on my bed right now. I fell in love with these when they first came out, but I was never allowed an advance on my allowance and couldn't buy one before they sold out all those years ago. I never thought I'd see one again after that, let alone have one.

Snivy: These birds keep taking over!
Lapras: I know, what's next?
Snivy: There can't be many more, if any. Right?


To be continued soon.
I wonder what could come next, Lapras?
Another grail? :DDD
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