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collection update!

So I finally got around to posting my collection! =D (even though I was supposed to be studying for an art history midterm XD)
As some of you know, I'm a big TCG collector. Second comes my Pokédoll collection.
I got something nice in the mail today, and I 'had time' so I decided to finally share with you all my collection. ^^

So today I was at work checking the status of a package I had ordered from amazon last weekend.
The last thing it said was out for delivery this morning, so I was PSYCHED that my thingy was gonna be waiting for me when I got home.
What was this 'thingy'?

It was a Zekrom Pokédoll!!!!!!!
As much as I love him... I'm kind of sad it's not regular size.... because now I have nowhere to put him. XD
And it's also kind of too skinny for my tastes; I like pudgy, cuddly Pokédolls XD.
(Oh, hey, it's my Chimchar DX Pokédoll that my boyfriend got me last year. XD)

Now on to my Pokédoll collection!:

Tada! XD
I just had to go out to ikea and get myself a fancy shelf....
If anyone's seen my collection from long long LONG ago, I had only three to a shelf. Now look. @_@
You can even see some straddlers that have no place on my shelf (Emolga, Munna and Elekid).
I needs to go shopping again.

Here are the legendaries at the tippy top of my shelf.
Shaymin and Darkrai are on the very top because they're the two Gen IV that I caught using the elite four surfing glitch. XD
I won a Cresselia Pokédoll from a GA here that I am planning to put up there next to Darkrai.
Arceus is right below with the dragon trio (sans Palkia... sad face) and Groudon and Kyogre (sans Rayquaza.... I don't like his Pokédoll face XD).

Right below are my Gen V Pokédolls, all Japanese. XD
Emolga and Munna I have no place on my shelves for yet.
I really like the placement of the Mincinno shelf, but the Bisharp shelf I am hoping to tweak.
I just need some spare moneys to buy other Pokédolls and shelves. XD
I did have a Nintendo World Zorua Pokédoll... but I didn't really like it that much so I put it up for sale... that and its tag doesn't match. LOL
Elekid.... I just have no space for. lol

The rest of my Pokedolls... and a Banpresto Cyndaquil. XD
I don't like the Pokédoll because its flames aren't up and out.... thought I may sell this one and get the Pokédoll since I don't like how it's somewhat bigger than my Pokédolls. =\
Delibird was my first Japanese Pokédoll.

Now onto the second collection: TCG!:

As you can see, there are some Pokedolls here too! It's the Gen II legendaries!
Gen II is my favorite generation so they are over thither.

Me thinks this is a decent place for my Zekrom Doll in the meantime. XD
AHH so skinny! XD

The shelf below has the legendary beasts, presents from my boyfriend last year when they came out at Nintendo World.
They are my favorite Pokédolls!
Right behind them is my LEGEND era binder, which we will open up right now!:

In here I have the L1, L2, L3, LL and L-P Promo sets.
As for L1-LL, I have every card except for the Alph Lithographs.... and...

URSARING!!!! Ugh!!!!! It's been over a year and I cannot find this uncommon card anywhere!!!!
Can someone help me out!?!?! D:

Here is a shot of the middle of my incomplete promo set.

Can you see what's wrong in this picture? XD
This promo is really rare and expensive, so I opted for the English version which cost me a measly $4.

Same with Espeon and Umbreon. XD
Now on to my favorite Pokémon!:

As per my icon, Flygon is my #1 favorite. This is just one page out of about 5 that I have of just Flygon cards.

My second fave is Darkrai.

Black and White introduced another favorite: Galvantula!!!
I'm so excited for the release of BW4, since there is another Galvantula card coming out!
Now let's segway into my BW collection!

As with my LEGEND binder, I custom made this cover as well, but on the computer.

For the most part, I have BW1-BW3 complete sans all of the SR/UR cards.

Virizion was my first full art card; Terrakion and Meowth I scored from Y!J auctions.
I still need Cobalion, Victini and N!!!!

Overall from BW, this Chandelure card has my favorite artwork.
I hate rainbows, yet this card as a whole has the full spectrum of colors, and it works. XD

My sole SR/UR card from four boxes of BW3. I really love it though.
At 1/10 though, I've got a whole way to go. XD

Thanks for reading guys! =D
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