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This is my Contest Entry!

     I don't have any plushes, so this is done with my figures instead! It is a story about a Halloween Dance (only there is no dancing ;D)! I am a bit biased in this story, but I love each and every character! It is not the most extravagant story, maybe I'll do a better one next year! So please enjoy! 

                            It all starts, in Mew's bedroom, let's go from there!

                                            For the ability to read, I shall zoom!

                                That concludes the story!  Here is the picture I want to submit for the contest! I am not sure if this is considered creative or cheating!

   Hope there is a great turn out this year, I can't wait to see everyone elses entres! Hope you enjoyed my somewhat interesting story! Seeya next time for tea and cookies ;D
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