Mako (oi_m) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tomy MC figures pick up!

Hello Everyone ^_^
I am doing a pick up for Tomy MC figures! These are the new ones that comes with a free spinny base!
A lot of different ones are available and they are only $8 + shipping each!
These include all starters and their evos and legendaries from all generations + a number of others. I will be able to pick it up if it's in one of the pictures below C:

- Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 25/09/2011
- Buyer is responsible for shipping and paypal fees
- Shipping: Shipping for first Tomy figure to non-Asian countries is $2.5 with package or $2 without, + $1.5 for each additional figure with packaging and $1 without.
- I ship internationally from HK via standard airmail. You can choose to add an extra of $2 for a registered mail,  which tracking will be included.

- You only have to pay AFTER I picked your items, but if you fail to pay 3 days after I have your items on hand and gave you a quote I will leave negative feedback, unless we worked out something before hand
- In case I fail to pick up your items, I will let you know. This might happen if too many people want the same one
- I will give you a total before next Sunday (30th Oct).

- Shipping can be combined with items in my sales post if you don't mind waiting
- I can do trades with items in my want list

Please use this form to order to make my life easier, thanks. C:

- Which pokemon(s) to pick up: 
- Do you still want the rest if one or more of the items is not available? : Y/N (Please specify in case this will depend on what I am able/ unable to get)
- Do you want them with original packaging? Y/N (shipping will be cheaper without the packaging, please see above rules)
- Country to ship to: 
- Do you want registered mail at an extra $2? Y/N

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