PakajunaTufty (pakajunatufty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bragging time! And more....

Ok, first off, I got  2 packages last week, and I have not yet got to post about them.

In the packages I received these:

I accidently deleted who they were from, so whomever sent these, please let me know, I would really like to exchange feedback, as they came in EXCELLENT condition! Thank you! =]

Next, BRAGGING TIME!! hehe. I just finished making this and it came out sooo good I just had to show everyone.

It is over 3 feet long, 42" total. Ad suuuper lovable! It was done for a private commission on another site and so yes, it is already sold. and seeing as I DO NOT have sellers permission (yet), I will not be linking to my DA. If you want to find me, you will. I just really wanted to show everyone. =]

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