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Long time, no see!

Hi everybody! I'm still alive, even though I've been quite inactive in the community. I've been concentrating on my studies (I started Japanese as a secondary subject this autumn o.o) but hopefully my next collection update won't take another three months.

Thank you again for all these great things! I can't stop wondering the power of this community and Internet in general - without them it would have been nearly impossible to get most of these things in such a far-away country as Finland. ^^*

A plastic cup from a GA hosted by pokepalace.

A huge POP poster which I got free from a comic shop. It measures 125 x 30 cm (about 48 x 12 inches).

A Japanese pog from 99reddrifloons (both sides shown).

A small file folder from pegasus2010 (both sides shown). Although the pictures are really cute, I must say the size of the folder is quite impractical for storing papers but luckily I got it for display only.

The newest TCG Raichu (1st edition) in Japanese from donny9.

A small sticker from dezchu. I wonder if it's legit or not...

An even smaller sticker, again from dezchu.

A Korean semi-3D sticker from a user whose name I unfortunately forgot already. Sorry! ^^*

Two Korean sticker sheets from kriscarmi, a Staks magnet from a eBay.de seller, a shiny sticker from a user whose name I can't recall anymore and a Japanese Bandai card from a eBay.co.uk seller.

A Taiwanese VHS from yaoi_queen. It contains four season one episodes, including the Raichu vs. Pikachu one dubbed in Taiwanese (the opening and ending are in Japanese with Taiwanese subtitles). Interestingly, Raichu has a different voice actor in Taiwanese. ^^

A 1st edition Dark Raichu from dragowl (sorry for the poor quality of the picture!). I'm slowly but surely trying to collect all 1st edition TCG Raichu cards which might become an infinite project. x)

An American TCG promo VHS from maractus. Just for the sake of the Raichu picture on the cover, believe it or not. x)

A holographic Wap from a user whose name I happened to forget. This one was really hard to photograph, sorry about the crappy picture!

A manga called Pokemon 4koma Theater volume 2 by various artists from omgitslph. It has a lot of Raichu content in it. Thanks to furigana it's great for kana practice, too. :)

A small jigsaw puzzle from kyogres.

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