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Sales Post

Alright lovelies, it's sales time ;D I have a few groups of stuff for cheap. It's old stock and I'm trying to get rid of it since I will be having new stock coming in soon. These groups are good for anyone whose just starting out with new sales or is just looking for some new stock to rotate into their store! I've also got some eeveelutions up for grabs! There's zukan, metal swings, keychains, patches, and so much more!

Follow the cut for the sales!

.:*:. I was granted sales permission on 06/27/2009 from lineaalba


.:*:. I accept Paypal, (but no gifts).

.:*:. Paypal is cityblackout@yahoo.com and when you send a payment, be sure to include your lj username in the subject and what you're buying in the comment.

.:*:. I will gladly hold items up to 24 hours, [if there's some kind of issue that's going on, and you need more time than that, say something and we'll talk ;) ].

.:*:. I ship from the US and my home is pet/smoke free.

.:*:. Shipping to worldwide. I usually use bubble mailers, (larger items will need boxes and stickers will be sent in envelopes), and ship first class mail.

.:*:. Price totals will include your total for items, shipping, and paypal fees.

.:*:. Items SOLD AS IS, (meaning that you buy it, you keep it; no refunds.) So be sure to check descriptions.

Eevee: $5 each or both for $6
Bulbasaur: $3
Celebi: $1
Mareep Set MIP: $15

Flats Lot: $10

European Plastic Lot: $5

Miscellaneous Lot: $10

Keychain Lot: $10

Pencil Lot: $5

Raichu: $5 ON HOLD
Muk: $4
Paras, Omastar, Charmleon, Butterfree: $2
Mr. Mime, Meowth, Machamp, Beedrill, Pinsir x2, Kingler, Charizard Metal Ring: $1
SOLD: Wartortle, Persian, Pikachu, Magneton, Rhyhorn

Firgures Lot: $13

Leafeon/Glaceon/Eevee Zukan: $10
*note that when I got it, one of glaceon's ears was broken, I've since then glued it back on*

Jumpluff: $15
Petilil: $10

All $5 each
SOLD: Minccino, Joltik, Vaporeon, Espeon, Jolteon, & Gastly
Tags: bulbasaur, celebi, chandelure, eevee, glaceon, jumpluff, larvesta, leafeon, litwick, mareep, minccino, petilil, raichu, sales, umbreon, whimsicott
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