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An Update of Derptastic Proportions!

I just got back from my trip to Hawaii yesterday and I came back with some new stuff! I haven't posted anything in the past few weeks, so I felt like posting some stuff I got. I got some silly bootleg stuff from the flea market(I was tempted to buy all the fake cards for lulz, but I didn't have very much spare cash put aside for the flea market.) I did also go to Toys N Joys and I picked up a few things there. (I was $10 short of buying a 1:1 Emonga...I regretted buying some cheap jewelry a few days ago after that. ;_; )
New stuff is under the cut~

Derpdorable bootlegs first...

Best coinpurse ever. I love this Pikablob.

I also found a bootleg Shinx clipping figure~ I'm planning on repainting it shiny and then turning it into a keychain. It's much bigger than the real one for some reason.

I didn't get this in Hawaii, but from an online store called Animechina. I'm going to be an Oshawott for Halloween this year. :D
This thing is so derp. I tried ironing it make it a little straighter, but frankly, it smelled like death. The funny part is, the stock photo looks like this:

Buuuut, it was only $8 shipped, so I don't mind very much.

That's it for bootlegs. On to the official stuff!

We'll start with the stuff that I got from Toys N Joys~ I'm getting hooked on DX figures...

Adorable Oshawott pillow! He kept me quite comfortable on the plane ride home!
I've decided to name him Sushi since my mother thought he kind of looked like a sushi roll in that blanket. xD

And lastly, a Shaymin bowl! (I think it's an ichiban kuji prize? I have no idea.)
More shots of it:

And one more Shaymin related get:

Super tiny, but super cute! I Iove charms. xD

And some fun pictures:

Victini at the aquarium~

I carried him around like that in my Zorua/Zoroark bag for a few days. xD (I also saw a little boy with the same bag! I lol'd.) Also, sorry it's so dark. I didn't want to flash the fish.

My new table centerpiece for fall:

And finally, I rearranged my bed space to give myself more room. it's a good thing I'm small or I probably wouldn't even fit in my own room.

Anyway, that's it for this post. :D Have a good evening everyone~
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