Zen (zenity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales update! Make offers too!

Hey all! I've updated my sales. CHECK IT:

Click the banner to go!

I have a few items up for offers as well! An uncommon Quagsire pillow and some rare "chirimen" plush!!

Check it out and make offers below on the sales post! I'll be taking offers until interest dies down. c:

I'm willing to haggle on pretty much EVERYTHING! I also have a few gen 5 pokedolls for sale, so come on in! (on wednesday i won't be at home to weigh items for shipping totals, so haggling with me might get you an easy total and better deal! :D)

(For those of you waiting on the mystery dungeon house GA, it's currently on it's way being shipped to my house! I went ahead and covered the international shipping since it wasn't much and I'll combine those costs with your final payments. :) Thank you for your patience!! <3)
Tags: sales
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