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Couple of plushes I'm after

My first post here, so I'll introduce myself as well. I'm 18 and got into Pokemon all the way back when it came out. My first game was Blue version, it was also my first game that I got with my Gameboy Color.. that I even still own to this day. My favorite games though are the 2nd Gen games, and I can't say I have a favorite Pokemon, I like too many of them. Honestly I don't have too big of a collection, so there's really nothing much I can show off, mostly I collect my favorite Pokemon and merch that's neat to me or cute. 

At first I came here hoping I could get some help looking for some merch I want, but hopefully I can meet a lot of nice people as well! :) Kinda nervous, haha.

The items I currently am seeking areeee~

Under the cut

I don't have too many Pokemon plushes or anything, but awhile back I had a few that I was silly enough to sell, but now I kinda want them back so I'm looking around to buy them again.

I'm after a Shadow Lugia Pokedoll, with or without tags, but with the tags is preferred.

Another plush I sold but want to buy again is the Jakks Dialga plush, one of the bigger ones. It's around 20 inches or so I believe? I have a Palkia to match it so if anything I can just measure that one. 
Here's a picture; 

with this one I don't really care if he has his brand-new tags or not. 

I tried eBay for them.. I could probably get Dialga from there, but there's pretty much no Shadow Lugia besides possible bootlegs from ECTransfer, and I really don't want to risk that. 

There may be a few other things I want.. I am interested in Serperior plushes and normal Lugia ones, Suicune and Ho-oh. But I'm tight on money and mainly just want what's listed. Maybe at some other time I'll update with more that I'd be after.

Hopefully I can get some help, thank you! 

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