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Massive Collection Update & 1st Sales!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* My Feedback Thread
* Collection Site
* First Collection post

Hey everyone! I haven't posted a collection update since July, and since I finally got my permanent sales post ready, I decided it was time ^^
I have 3 big trade packages I'm waiting for, so once I get all those I'll post an update again \o/! Lots of exciting things coming <3

Under the cut you'll find

And much much more! :3

My newest additions are these 3! Got talking chimchar off ebay, togekiss from amazon, and reshiram from walmart yesterday n_n!

This is where I keep most of my zukan and kids! I haven't been able to add to this collection lately :(
Also, I accidently started a Treecko collection from re-homing agkelikos's collection ^^; Then I keep adding more to it...

Most of my BW collection is here! I have a Zoroark pokedoll on the way and hope to add a few of the TY Beanie Babies eventually!
I was very excited when I found out all the stores here were stocking jakks wave 2 (same time I found jakks wave 1 here actually lol)

Misc items and Magmar/Magby customs I made. Need to find a better place for these lol

I love how the plush look hanging on the wall, I'll eventually have to put more up to save shelf space ^^;
risha_moon gave me that Snivy mask (that she got from comic-con!)

My plush that don't have room with the rest XD;

Some of my favs! I bought that Buneary as a pokedoll replacement but it just made me want every single buneary thing EVER XD;
I have 2 jakks Minccino because I bought an overpriced one from amazon and a day later found the full set in town and decided to just buy another XD Can never have too many Mins!

These shelves contain my misc tomys, jakks and kids. Mostly small side collections except that Croagunk is supposed to be a main collection, ONE DAY!

My main collections ^^ I haven't added much since I last posted, hopefully soon! I have a talking togepi figure on the way, FINALLY :3

Munch! ^^ Also Minccino jakks is one of my favorite figures *O* I keep these guys on my desk shelf so I can constantly stare at them.

BOX OF PLUSH. I found that pokecen(pokedoll?) mantyke at the thrift store a few weeks ago, first time seeing pokemon there, so now I try to check every week lol. Giant Piplup was another ebay purchase.

GIANT GIRATINA! I rescued him from some children. His wings were messed up so I glued them in XD; Originally I was gonna sell him but I think shipping would be too difficult/expensive..?
My friend recently sent me all his old BK figures, have doubles of most of them, pondering painting them shiny but I can't decide. He also sent me Ash, James, and Brock *_*

Mew and Mewtwo! Mew is missing his tail XD oh and lonely Poliwrath lol.

And that concludes my collection! Still no updated photos TCG/Flats collection :/
Hope you guys enjoyed looking :3

Currently selling english B&W and Emerging Power cards! Come check it out, there's even a full art Tornadus for sale!
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