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Simple TFG Auctions! And my usual random questions!

Hello all! Today I bring you a Flareon TFG auction. I am also going to auction of my Lt. Surge as my last post showed a lot of interest and it swayed what I should price him as. xD I was just granted sales permission so while I sit through and price the bagillion things I want to sell, I'm going to smart small and do this!

More pictures and auction info under the cut!

  • I was granted sales permission on 10/15/11 by dakajojo</lj> and my feedback can be found here.
  • Shipping will be from the US, but I will ship worldwide. They will be wrapped up securely in a small box. If you prefer a mailer, lemme know before you pay!
  • Please ask for a quote before you bid if you are concerned about shipping fees.
  • I only accept Paypal at this time.
  • Auction ends Monday, October 24th at 9:00 CST. Countdown timer here.
  • I will need payment by the 26th as my shipping day is Thursday. Negative feedback will be left for slow payment unless we have already worked payment out.
  • No sniping! Five minutes will be added on until no more bids are placed.

Now onto the Flareon!
(Please note that Pikachu is not for sale. These are old pictures but the condition has not changed.)
This is probably the prettiest TFG I have in my collection. She's seriously BEAUTIFUL. I don't really want to part with it but I'm not an Eeveelution collector and I figured I'd pass it on.
She's pretty much mint, minus a tiny little black dot on her bangs. It's hardly noticable though. I'm not sure if it's a paint rub or dirt. I can try to clean it before I send it.

And now, sexy tall man, Lt. Surge!
(Camera phone doesn't do him justice. His clothes are a lot greener looking!)
He's mint. I don't see a single flaw on him. For some reason the pictures make it look like his hair spikes are losing paint but let me assure you, they're not!

And now, a question! Does anybody really care if cards are first edition? I collected from Base through Gym Challenge, mostly, before I started again at B/W. I've finally sorted through my cards after years of them sitting in a box and realized I have a ton of first editions, mainly commons and uncommons but there are still quite a few holo and rares! If nobody cares I will price them like normal but if there is care, how much more should I sell them for? Thanks and any other advice and pricing TCGs would be MARVELOUS. I seriously have over a thousand doubles to sell. xD

Also within the next week or so (I know, I keep saying this ;-;) expect a collection update!

Thanks you guys, you're awesome!!
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