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Payment for October Kids Set

Hey guys, the October Kids set has arrived, if you've forgotten what they look like. It's this!

Well, I'll be collecting payment for them, so click on the cut to see if you got your items and how much you have to pay:

paintviper: Serperior - $10.20
spideyroxas: Serperior - $10.20
hebilea: Whimsicott and Serperior PAID
rusey: Serperior, Chandelure- $18.00
autumnrain: Duosion - $10.20
pancakemonkey: Duosion - $10.20
irethsune Tynamo, Eelektross, + Liligant(Combine-Paid) - $15.92
korth: Tynamo, Eelektross - $18.00
lyndsaygorawr: Eelektross - $10.20
anodyne_geno: Eelektross - $10.20
puyro: Chandelure - $10.20
hibikitikibi: Mienfoo X 1 (Not enough for 2) - $10.20
jerybunny: Ducklett (PAID, sorry not enough mienfoos)
nasija: Chandelure, Mienfoo - $18.00
shadoweon: Chandelure, Deerling - $18.00
foureyedalien: Beheeyem, Gigalith (+ MPC Plush) - $18.00
beriel: Beheeyem - $10.20
moguryuu: Shelmet - $10.20
paperoid: Gigalith, Haxorus(Combined - Paid)  - $8.64
megami36: Cubchoo X 2 - $18.00
umbreongirl: Deerling - $10.20

This includes materials and fees
MOST IMPORtANTLY, Please pay within 48 HOURS or you will be left negative feedback. If you can't pay now, PM me i'll work things out with you

I apologise to the following people as I am unable to get all the kids you wanted due to the weird distribution in the box
Mienfoo hibikitikibi (You still got one though!), jerybunny, myvampirelust19, kriscarmi
Pawniard: myvampirelust19, paperoid

EDIT: If anyone of the people who still wants a Mienfoo please reply to denkimouse comment below, it'll be $10 shipped to get one from her.

If you don't wish to add anything to your purchase. Please send your payment to minun_pro@hotmail.com . As these boxes are smaller than that of the 15th Anniversary Kids, I won't be flattening it, if you want me to do so, please add it in the memo(However, note it can get damaged in transit) . In addition to this, add your username and items purchased to the memo.

If any of you would like to combine anything from my sales post
or from the extras which are as follows:
Duosion X 2
Serperior X 1
Shelmet X 1
Gigalith X 1
Deerling X 2
It will be $8 shipped, not including materials and fees
Please do not send me money yet, comment here and wait for me to calculate your new total.

Sales Post: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

PS: Can anyone who can read japanese tell me what this means? I only found this in one out of 4 of the boxes I opened. Is it just an information booklet? or is it something significant. Thanks a lot in advance. If you need a better picture of the 2nd one I can do it.

Also, whoever who did October Pre-orders with me. They'll be arriving tomorrow at the shop and I'll likely start collecting shipping payments tmr, so stay tuned!
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