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Hey PkmnCollectors!  Since most of you don't remember me, considering I only made one post and then disappeared forever, I may as well introduce myself again!  I've been collecting since Pokemon came out in the 90's, when I was pretty little.  Me and my sister collected a LOT of stuff over the years, and when she gave it up I inherited most of it.  I fell out of pokemon around the diamond/pearl era, but got back into it a year or so ago.  :3

I don't collect any specific pokemon right now, but my favorite pokemon is SNUBBULL!  Gosh, ever since I played Pokemon Gold I was in love with that derpy bulldog.  :'D  When I get enough money to start buying things from the comm again, I'd love to start collecting him.  But for now, I collect any johto pokemon that doesn't have crazy popular merch like Lugia and the ledgendary dogs...maybe I'll side collect Celebi in the future.  

Anyways, sorry for boring you guys without a collection update :(  It's grown like crazy since I've first joined and I promise to upload some pictures soon!  <3
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