sketchies (sketchies) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few things going on here!

What I was waiting on finally arrived, I can finally do a collection update~

These two are from my first Sunyshore order ever~! Pansear has no nickname, but the Audino is named Cologne. I had an Audino in a White playthrough that I named Cologne, I loved the name so I decided to get a Audino Pokédoll. :3

Some items for the Aipom and Ambipom collection. :3 I wish I could have Aipom in front on the one with Mime Jr. and Weavile.... oh well.

More items for the Victini portion of my collection... I didn't quite know what to do with the Clear File...

So I framed it. :3

The Palkia pre-order figure.

New Zukans~ I have a Cherrim I use in the Battle Subway with my Sunny Day team. So I had to get the Zukan. I got Wooper, Quagsire, and Farfetch'd just in case I ever decide to get Normal/Flying types... and one of the crowning pieces in my Zukan collection: the Garchomp family! I think Garchomp's arm is bent though. :(

I'm looking for some cards now to build a deck. I only want to buy cards if I can get a few from the same person.

3x Ambipom TM
4x Aipom UL
3x Weavile UD
2x Sneasel UD
2x Slowking HGSS/CoL
2x Slowpoke UD
1x Cleffa HGSS/CoL

4x Pokémon Collector
3x Judge
2x Professor Juniper
3x Professor Oak's New Theory
3x Pokémon Catcher
2x Junk Arm

2x Double Colorless Energy
2x Special Darkness Energy
I'm still looking for the Ambipom Battrio Pucks... I would love to add them to my collection~

Since the Slakoth Zukan has once again slipped though my fingers, I'm going to take a more drastic approach. I'd like to try to trade one of my Zukans for it.

I have Ponyta and Rapidash, the Nidoran Male line, or the Egg,Togepi, and Togetic (on the incorrect base, though). Would anyone be interested in making a trade? I have enough positive feedback to allow trading.

My feedback is located here.
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