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Recent gets + grail + looking for uk middleman

Hey, guys! I got a few new items this week, one of them being a very awesome grail of mine. Show and tell time! xP
I also have some wants. I'd love you forever if you could help me out! C:

Let's start off with some cool Mightyena figures I received a while ago.

The TOMY and Chupa. I adore the Chupa~

This Miltank beanie! I've always had a soft spot for these pink cows. MOO.

She makes me want to collect Miltank, she's so cute. x3

Shiny Aerodactyl custom figure by pattsun. It's a very nicely made custom:

Looks good enough to eat. Seriously. It makes me think of marshmallows. 8D
And it came inside a sparkly blue egg. *_*

Now. THE GRAIL GET. Aerodactyl model kit figure! :DDDD

From the eBay person that suddenly sprang up with rare Japanese figures from ancient times. He's SO EFFING BEAUTIFUL.
Most of the below pictures have his color totally inaccurate. He's not gray, he's actually a sort of light purple/a tad blue color. C:

Look at dat face. LOOK AT IT. (Aww man, look at the color difference. xD The top one is accurate.)

You can make his wings flap by rotating his tail (which is really fun to do xD), and he has posable legs, neck, and mouth. The eyes are stickers, which are sort of yellowing from age but yeah. Even if you don't collect 'Dactyl, I'd recommend him—he's a very cool figure! Very posable, this 'Dactyl is LOTS of fun to have. c:

He was the second model figure I've ever put together (Raikou was first), and being extremely eager (and rushed—I got him not long before I had to go to music rehearsal), I zipped through the directions and ended up putting something together before I was supposed to. ;A;
(I put the body together before I inserted the tail… not good.) I ended up having to use a knife to pry it apart because I apparently put it together really tightly. xD Using a knife worried me a bit, but nothing ended up getting scratched! MIRACLE. <3
And then I had to take it apart AGAIN because I didn't notice that you had to insert the head before you put the body together. FML. (But I made sure to not put the body together too tightly after I did the tail, just in case… glad I did!)

I actually purchased two of them, but I don't really want to open the second one just yet. x3


That's pretty much all the big gets~ I also got this totally unrelated plush today:

Kangaroo Pillow Pet! It's SO fluffy, and the joey is even more amazing. <3

As usual, I have a few things in mind that I'd like to buy. C:

1) Aerodactyl merch
Hurhurrr. Always looking for new 'Dactyl stuff, whether I have it or not. Kids would be great about now! The Hyper Beam Battle Museum figure would be PERFECT. Or those mini models. Any kind, really—figures, cards (preferably only if you have several Aero cards), flats, misc. items... whatever works! <3

2) Figures of the following Pokemon (preferably under $5):
Skarmory, Miltank, Spheal line, Tyranitar, Armaldo, or Gorebyss. I'd prefer to buy multiple figures to help save on shipping costs. As you can see, I currently only have one main collection (Aerodactyl!) and would like to start another. C: So I'm just going to grab a few figures and see which Pokemon has the right feel to it. x3

3) Shiny Gyarados TOMY

... That's actually all I can think of right now. If you have something you think I may like, feel free to offer! :]

I'm also looking for a UK middleman! If you feel up to it, please let me know~ :D Helped! Thanks, guys!
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