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two newses

SPECIAL NOTICE! Did you know you can edit the tags of ANYONE'S post?? If someone's post is NOT properly tagged, just add it for them!

ALSO!! THIS "INFO" TAG! Is ONLY for news and information on goods releases! Don't keep tagging your random posts as "info"! If you can see yourselves in the info tag with your not-info posts, be sure to keep watch next time!

You should also remember to USE the Info tag when APPROPRIATE! People are having a hard time finding the new Canvas line info... amongst other things. Use the info tag!

So two newses.

ONE, on December 3rd, "Dot" Sprite Series PART 2! Comes out. It will feature Bianca, Cheren, and N, and the lineup will have new additions on top of what Part 1 had:

There are apparently photos of these things in a magazine...which I will go buy... but I just came from the store... oh what a world!!

November 26th is one year since Osaka Pokemon Center moved. For their anniversary they are making a NEWWW PIKACHUUU POKEDOLLLLL!!! He is a 12 inch Doll, a full DX size, and comes with a mini version keychain!! This is the first Pikachu full 12 inch DX doll release since the ORIGINAL back during RSE, and the second "celebratory" Pikadoll, the first being Pokemon's 10th anniversary. It's also the second with a CUTE little bowtie.

Check him out! Pikachu Pokedoll and other Pokedoll collectors, cheer!
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