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Payment for I <3 Pikachu Shipping. + NEW Banpresto Merchandise

Hey everyone! BEHOLD! Sorry for having 2 posts on the front page but I need to get this done asap as my exams start soon.

They has arrived!!
BUT I Need payment for shipping. For those who ordered MPC Plush, no worries they'll just be shipped out as everything has been paid for.

For those who purchased the cushions and pouch, these is the payment info: Please send it to minun_pro@hotmail.com and add in the memo your item bought and username. Fortunately everyone is from the USA so it makes my life sooo much easier.

These prices are for SAL Shipping, if you would like Airmail (Which I warn you is about 3 times more expensive), please comment here.
$9.68 - pakajunatufty, roxiired
$18 - tsuiling
$4.47 - esotu
$61.71 - tortoises

Well yup, that's all.

January(Arrive in Feb) -  I <3 Pikachu Keychain finally found a better picture.

Feb Plush (Arrive in March):

32cm I Love Pikachu laying Plush - The sleeping one's so mine it looks so cuddly XD

MPC Plush: Cubchoo, Darumaka, Simisage, Swanna (LOL I almost put Swanling), Gurdurr, Crynogal

I am taking reserves for Crynogal and Gurdurr as they are only bringing in two of each. Get yours fast! You will not have to pay until I have confirmed the order. Also I will be doing the other pre-orders in November as they are less urgent.

Well that's all from me! Look what they gave me because I emptied their shelves of cushions:

An I LOVE PIKACHU POSTER! These were meant to be pasted at arcades, but now its mine XD

END OFF WITH A RANDOM SALES PLUG: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

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