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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

I honestly can't recall the last time I did a collection update post!

It is terrible when one can't recall the last time they posted a collection update to this very community!! My collection update is not very big I'm afraid, money has been tight. So, I have had to be very selective about what new items to add. My main focus, ever since Black & White came out has been purple kittehs as some may know...:3

When I returned from vacation, back in August this cutie was waiting for me. I owe a big thanks to happyjolteon</lj> for "Kingneko." Though, a certain crowned mischievous feline was not the only thing inside the package:

Of course, when I retrieved the wrapper out of the envelope there was still candy inside. I wonder where it could of gone?! XD

This clearfile and it's matching Pokemon Center plastic bag counterpart (I do not own the bag) have the best release date ever, 9/01. I am sure some are puzzled as to why?! Well, 9/01 is not only my b-day but my eldest cat, Jaden's b-day too...:3

Meet "Van Gogh," or "Van" for short. Both the clearfile and my Tomy Choroneko plush are thanks to the awesome denkimouse</lj>!

Just some more fantastic Choroneko "goodies!"

Liepard really needs more merchandise in my opinion...
How about some custom Choroneko Zorgneko art?!

The drawing to the left is by the very talented ruenis</lj>, I really love her use of colors!! Now, the one on the right was a complete and total surprise for my b-day from the amazing antoj</lj>. I do not get many b-day surprises, so this particular Zorgneko means a lot...:D

This may come as a shock, are you sitting down?! The next two gets I am going to show you are not purple kittehs!! *gasp*

Of course, Choroneko and Liepard are not the only Pokemon kittehs I collect...;)

Wait, Foxx that is not a kitteh Zukan. The Flygon Zukan, since being a member here for over 4 years this Zukan has been in my hands twice. Both times, I sold it...I mean I do not collect Flygon so why keep it?! I admit, I have always loved this Zukan and kicked myself each time I sold. antoj</lj> had mentioned that they were thinking of selling theirs, so I jumped at the chance. No way is this one leaving my apartment doors!! Well, not unless I move...

So, that is it for my collection update. While I am at it, I might as well point out my big Pokemon lot auction up on eBay:

This particular lot is filled with some rare "goodies!" :3

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