Hamsteh (hamsteh) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updates + Sales + any intrest..? ;o

I got more shucklees! :D Look under the cut to seee. <3

I got a Shuckle Kiiid! :D <3 He's from Segamew, she drew me a cute happyy Shuckle doodle too but I forgot to take a pic. D: Seems like the shuckle plush I made likes his kid anyways. n_n

I go this from Hardrock Pokemon. xD It's a little book with some stickers inside and info about pokemon/places (Tanba City, I think it was) buut it's in Japanese. D:

These are the pages inside. :D Shucklees! And Slugma. XD <3

I love the little tiny Shuckle sticker, wish I could use these, I love stickers. :x

I also got these cute stamps from Hardrock Pokemon. :D I really wanna know if they work like actual stamps but I can't ruin them lmao. XD;

Andd my Pan sticker and Amada sticker, from Schenzi and Helloskitty.

Thanks everyone! n_n <33

I was also wondering if people are interested in needle felted stuffs at all. I needle felted a shuckle onto a blank tote bag I'd bought to decorate (And never got round to doing. :x)

Soo this is the Shuckle I made, first attempt really at needle felting something so big but it wasn't too bad. :D I was thinking I could make some cute pics needle felted onto sheet of felt or something? Idk, would anyone even be interested? xD I thought it was something different anyways. :D

This is what it looks like overall anyways. :D The stuff at the top were just random "doodle" type things to get the hang of it and how much wool to use, really. xD.

Andd finally, I updated my sales a bit, completely retook photos but then I had to go to work so I'm still missing a few things. It bugged me the the pics were so huge so I spent a while retaking/uploading/typing it all. x.x I've also added quite a bit. :D These can be found *here* or by clicking my banner below. =]

Thanks for looking! :3

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