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2011 Halloween Contest Entry!

look under the cut for more photos!!:

the image i wanted to go with was the things that reminded me of fall and halloween <3
just a small pic on what my scene is before i show you guys some close-ups c: *i dont have photo shop just paint, so bear with me ^^;;;

aki hikari (zigzagoon): keke all these tasty sweets will be mine now!
bob (snorlax): zzzzzzzzzzzz ..mmm m lolipopsssss SNOREEEEEE ○。(´Д`ヽ)>
hehe ok so since halloween mean loads of candy; i decided to use the pokemon that fitted the bill of a love for food and treats! SNORLAX :D and of course with zigzagoon being a raccoon pokemon, and has the ability pick-up, little Hikari is stealing poor snorlax's trick or treat bag! D: oh noes! hehe
(unfortuantly i had no fabric or doll-like clothes for snorlax Xp otherwise he would have been in costume Dx)
*fun fact: aki means autumn in japanese, i actually named her this because i got her in the fall of last year!*

Laurent (sceptile): mmmm smell that wispy Pumpkin Spice Candle ~~~~<3
Kai (typhlosion): uh huh sure is lovely ヽ(・ω・)ノ *happily sighes*
Keita (furret): ....=oωo= ~~<3
and next up is Laurent, Kai and Keita, they are enjoying the scent of the pumpkin spice candle <3 i was going to light it but with the light breeze going on at the time i ws afraid of any possible sparks lighting my plush on fire ;w; ahhh i love the smell of pumpkins and leaves in the fall <3 next to winter, fall is my favorite season of all! i love the cold seasons because its always so pretty, i dont have to worry about bee's and misquitos and i can wear all my fluffy coats and scarves <333

all ghosties: BOOOOOOO!
Vincent (starly): CAWW!!!
Zubat (Murasaki): *using ultrasonic waves?)
hehe what good would halloween be without ghost and ghouls?! i didnt have any crow or owl plushies so i decided starly looks like he could be a crow so why not? he has a good color sheme with these adorable little ghost anyway C: and zubat is just awesome for being a bat and my favorite kind of decoration to use during halloween! i have bats all over my room during this season!! <3

lotad (leafy): urf this candy is so heavy but i got a great haul this year!
saito (staraptor): ahhh im glad you kids had fun!
pumpkinchu (memory): hehe this year was great! i can't wait until next year! :)
well i didn't have any leaf wreaths but we did have this fallish flower one :'D so i used it instead. originally i had saito attempting to eat the candy out of lotad's leaf but thought it resembled to much of hikari and bob Xp so instead saito is the daddy for this image <333 i had the idea of lotad carrying candy on his leaf while i was looking for small bag for bob and his candy haul and remebered how cute i thought lotad would be with candy on his leaf! (and the idea of imaging a lotad waddling from his leaf being so heavy makes me giggle!) As for pumpkinchu he's already dressed for halloween and reminds me so much of halloween from his looks and the fact that he was the first gift given to me from my bf, and the fact that october is the month of our anniversary >///u///< <333 *gushes like a mush ball*

and now for the final photo and my entry!!!:

*thanks for reading you guys!!! <3*

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