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Halloween Pokemon Contest Entry 2011!!

Halloween is almost here!!! And I am super excited to dress up and stuff.

So for my entry for the contest i decided to just dress up my Dragonite (his name is Alexander) as one of my top favorite fictional character.

So he is dresses up as the Eleventh Doctor, sonic screwdriver and all. He is super ready  to go to out and trick or treat... but as you can see..

In the background you can see his TARDIS being surrounded but a Dalek and a Cyberman.
I think they are waiting to get some candy. That or they are ready to take the Doctor captive and you know destroy the Doctor. 

It was really fun making this costume. 

Below is a side view of what his costume looks like. And yes he has a Beauty Ribbon on his wing.
He won it at an earlier contest. :]

And Lastly here is a good look at the Tardis. The Cybermen and Dalek didn't get any candy so they trashed the outside of it. haha.

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