nanoplasm (nanoplasm) wrote in pkmncollectors,

replacement Minccino Zukan figures are here

If you have previous PM'ed me for one, please PM me again for final instruction and cost.

I didn't get as many as I thought, so I am going to fulfill the PM requests first.  =(

I will get more later however.

Also, pictures of the PokeCenter Halloween stuff will be posted this weekend.

Included in the Halloween lot are:

Pikachu Plush ($28 shipped)
Ball-Chain Hang Plush (Joltik is $20 shipped, others are $16.50 shipped each, $37 shipped for the whole set)
Starters (and Pikachu) Charms ($10 shipped each, $25 for the whole set 'of starters', or $33 for all four)
Gothetelle Charm Set ($13 shipped)
Cofagrigus Charm Set ($13 shipped)
Clear Files ($8 for the first one, $5 for each additional)

Finally for random item there is a Emolga rubber stamp on wooden block if anyone is interested ($11.50 shipped to US).
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