Dr Ishida (dragonrider49) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dr Ishida

I was working in the lab late one night.....

Evening everyone. I don't post often but I have been working on my Halloween contest entry.- in between univeristy work of course. With a little help from my halloween Pikachu! ( previously known as Count Sparky) 

Can anyone guess where the name of my title comes from? Its pretty old!

Greetings fellow pkmncollecters  and pokemon alike.  I am Boris and i'll be your host this evening. ....

Halloween Contest entry!

"Greetings Pkmncollecters. I am Boris and I'll be your host this evening. Welcome to the Pocket Monster Mash!

Come meet our guests...

" This is Long John Terrdor the fiercest pirate on the severn Pokeseas"
Terrador (larviatar) Arrrr! matey!

"Next we have Oki the wicked witch of Unova!"
Oki (Zoroark) *cackles *

" Our resident Jack -O-Lantern- Little bandit!"
Little bandit ( Riolu)- " Can I have some candy?"

"Whos behind that mask? It can only be our resident Dragon phantom- FRISBY!
Frisby (Dragonite)" Boo! Scared ya didn't I?

" hes been dead for 7000 years but he is here now to rule his kingdom- its Pharoah Big Char the third!"

"Big charmander- aughhh!


"Now for the main event Oki will creat a brew in her cauldron- to give us all special powers! "

Oki( Zoroark:)- " wing of Zubat, sting of Ekans, Paras stun spore, tears of an Aipom, scales of a Magicarp, sap of a Gloom...."

"... AND A ZAP OF PIKACHU'S BEST- Boris thats you!"

Boris " very well"
*Boris uses Thunderbolt!


Boris: "and vola a cauldron full of Rare candys for us to eat!"

Contest entry

I did the best i could in paint. and i apologise for weregarurumon- he's an honary pokemon since i have no wolves or werewolves

Of course thid time of year means one thing to me- my birthday! Expect a collection update of my pokemon so far on wednesday

Thank you and have a pleasent evening ( mad scientist laugh)
Tags: charmander, contest, dragonite, larvitar, pikachu, riolu, zoroark
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