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Turtle Collection + more Update #2!

Its been awhile since i updated... and even them im not sure if my old stuff was really shown too much, But i'll do an update on what i got recently after Anime Expo~! and some stuff i dont think i showed :D hehe

So Yeah.... if you don't know i'm a big turtle lover~ especially Turtle POKEMON~!! 亀がすき~~

These guys i just got recently :D one was from anime expo... the other two are ones that friends got me from here... :3 they're so loveable and they're like a FAMILY~~~~ 

This little guy has been with me forever.... well at lest as long as i can remember haha but yeah... his head tends to fall over, so.. you cant see it but im actually holding him up with the string on his head :D ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~

This Grotle i got from Anime expo as well..... I totally bought this on impulse and i just couldent help myself! xD~~~ Its the talking one :) but it just says Grotle in one way... but thats kay :3 

My favorite Turtles are the Squirtle Evolution line.... its so typical but its so much more than that! BLASTOISE IS SO FAT!!!!!!!!!! *O*

My Wartortle is actually my favorite... :3 i named him "Eonibugi"  어니부기~~~ because he's a korean wartortle in my eyes :D see how he writes in korean!

Now for the derpy lookin ones.... This is my Derpy Blastoise that ive had since i was reeeaaallyyyyy little... The Squirtle plus is actually one thats custom made that i got at Anime Expo... it didnt have eyes at first but it has eyes because i requested it :) hehe

These two are twins! well not really haha One ive had since i was little.. .the other one i got from Anime Expo again :3

This guy is my pride and joy... I love him so much! His name is Compton... reasons for this name will be revealed later eheheheh~ I actually just got him about a month ago .. again on a impulse! Ive been wanting this for a very long time, so i finally gave in and just GOT IT! and its now my best friend :D

Yes... Shuckle is missing an eye :( Ive been planning to paint it on him but i dont really have the stuff for it.. plus im so scared to actually do it cuz i might mess up! haha The little Blastoise is something a friend gave to me :)

:) My Torkoal's... there arent much of him :( But these two are just perfect :)

Now for some non turtle-y pokemon...

My Trubbish and my Garbodor :) I officially named my Trubbish Basura :D thanks to a friend of mind for the inspiration haha

That little chair was from Chuck E Cheeses :D haha! 

But yes, my Ralts i got on some store online... Chikorita was obtained on Ebay :) I noticed that i have a pokemon from every gen except 2nd... so i bought Chikorita to make it more even :) haha

Sandile i got an anime expo :)

And last my talking Snivy...

SHE TALKS AND EVERYTHING! Sometimes she never shuts up :D was about 70... dang was that expensive. Gotten at Anime Expo once again.

PHHEWWWWWWW that was a lot... welp hope you guys like it :)

Tags: blastoise, chikorita, garbodor, grotle, ralts, snivy, squirtle, torkoal, torterra, turtwig, wartortle
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