larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

quick BW glossy charm sales

Hi guys! I'm here today with a quick sale - BW metallic glossy charms!

Emonga: $6.50 shipped
Tsutarja/Mijimaru: $6 shipped
Reshiram/Zekrom/Scraggy/Pikachu: $5.50 shipped

Rules of my usual sales apply. I ship from Singapore! Feel free to ask for quotes if you buy two or more! I have extras for some pieces so do enquire about quantity. I'd cross out what I no longer have in the list above, which would be accurate as of my last comment on the page. =D

That's all folks! I'd be here next week with a clear-out sales featuring some extras of items in my lot. Have a great weekend! =D
Tags: sales
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